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i say y'all a lot and like singing in the shower. grilled cheese is life.
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ICYMI: Stadium Drive closure detours main bus routes

your fave bus isn’t coming to student stores anytime soon

UNC’s Joel Berry II out with hand injury

He’s expected to miss four weeks

Cam Newton and Jourdan Rodrigue are both trash

yes, you can (and should) be mad at both

UNC fan threatens student protesters, shouts ‘I’ll kill him’

This is beyond not OK

UNC’s Panhellenic recruitment halted due to alleged norovirus outbreak

Feel better soon

UNC says they still can’t legally remove Silent Sam, even with Roy Cooper’s permission

Barriers were added early this morning

Don’t drink from the Old Well

Not a #yolo moment

Your ultimate guide to move-in day at UNC

You can thank me later

UNC basketball star Luke Maye involved in car accident

His car flipped after running into an 18-wheeler

Katy Perry peaked at Teenage Dream and here is our proof

Idk who that imposter is right now, but it isn’t Katy Perry

North Carolina’s gerrymandered voting districts struck down by Supreme Court

They were ruled unconstitutional due to their racial basis

Stop assuming virgins don’t know anything about sex

Just because I’m a virgin doesn’t mean I’m a prude

My friends and I were called ‘fucking niggers’ after a late night run to Waffle House

Racism is alive and well in 2017, folks

Chase Rice is performing at He’s Not tonight

He’s repping some faded blue denim on Franklin Street

Silent Sam was graffitied again sometime yesterday

The phrases read, “Love is understanding,” “Why others hate,” “BLM” and “Love > Hate.”

North Carolina lawmakers have proposed a bill that would remove UNC from the ACC

The new bill responds to the prior ACC boycott over HB2

This strange coincidence in the stats practically predicted UNC’s national title win

We’re all a little superstitious

The privilege of rushing Franklin Street

For the most part, the cops are seemingly friendly and let folks do whatever they please

2 Chainz concert will now feature Final Four watch party

So stop selling your tickets

UNC ranked among top 10 for best college value

More evidence proving it’s always a GDTBATH

Tomi Lahren isn’t your next feminist icon

Don’t let this wolf in sheep’s clothing fool you

Obama isn’t the only person who’s picking UNC to win it all this year

These are all the notable people who chose UNC to win the championship

UNC and Dook are playing in the ACC semifinals and 2017 is wild

The battle of Tobacco Road hits Brooklyn

I’m a feminist and I don’t agree with schools closing for the Women’s Strike

Bourgeois feminism at its finest

Former dookie Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat and it’s the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard

Shoutout to dook for that A+ education, right?

All the absolutely terrible things that still suck less than Grayson Allen

Oversleeping for an 8am exam sucks, but not as much as Grayson does

A new Tar Heel made a PowerPoint for the Class of 2021 on ‘why you should be her friend’

She’s 1/2 of a doctor already

ACC Digital Network tweeted Grayson Allen in UNC gear and fans are pissed

It’s just plain wrong

Carolina applicants set new record

40,972 applications were submitted for Fall 2017

We ranked the awkward moments of FWOC

If your hookup from last semester makes eye contact: run!

Gossip Squirrel UNC is the page you never knew you needed

XOXO, Gossip Squirrel

There’s a new turn light on Franklin St. and the internet is going wild


Jasmin Mediterranean permanently closes over winter break

Forever in our hearts

Don’t judge my selfie

‘I’m not posting it for your validation, I’m posting it because I can and will’

How to go hard on LDOC Fall 2016

Make the most of it, it only happens twice a year

Meet Katherine Fitzgerald, the UNC alumna behind the viral tweet to donate to Flint

‘This is so much bigger than any rivalry.’

The Chainsmokers won’t be coming to UNC

They let us down, down, down

Donald Trump won the election and I no longer feel safe

‘If you voted for Trump, I don’t hate you, but I may not be able to trust you’

Why it’s so easy to hate Duke

We wear the better blue… and a million other reasons

Dear professors, don’t punish us for going to see Obama

We’re sorry that we skipped class

Things UNC could spend its money on instead of updating the Union

Greenlaw needs some love

The importance of fall break

It’s only two weekdays but it’s so worth it

How to register to vote online as a UNC student

With the internet, who needs human contact?

How to save your money from the Student Stores

Buying Benny’s Pizza is definitely better than buying notebooks

UNC football player accused of battery and assault: ‘I did not rape her’

Allen Artis made his first public statement

Why I sat during the national anthem

I’m exhausted and I’m heartbroken

A lot of people aren’t happy about Chase Rice headlining Jubilee

‘We’re waiting for an explanation’

Glee’s Noah Guthrie is coming to UNC

And there will be FREE Insomnia Cookies

Thanksgiving break should definitely be longer

We’d like to avoid dining hall pizza for more than just three days

You should enroll in a class you wouldn’t normally take at UNC

Actually pay attention to those bulletin boards with the neon fliers

I ate all the ice cream on Franklin and ranked each one

To be fair, it was ice cream, gelato AND frozen yogurt

Sophomores take down seniors in UNC’s first powderpuff game

They called themselves ‘The Six’

UNC isn’t having a homecoming concert and that’s a problem

If you didn’t know, we like tradition

This is what went down at WXYC’s 90s-themed dance party

I like your snap bracelet