Holly Stevenson
Clare, English After a successful two terms of interviewing, in which she discovered that the Mystery Jets' tour bus smelt wrong; Carol Vorderman liked to wear leather trousers as a student, and that Ellie Kendrick and Ellie Goulding are in fact different people, Holly has turned to oversee Culture. In her spare time she likes to name drop and write about why men are rubbish.

Holly’s Highlights: May Week

HOLLY STEVENSON’s guide to a cultural May Week.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 6

HOLLY STEVENSON gives you the low down on this week’s culture. Which, for the philistines involves drinking games…

Holly’s Highlights: Week 5

HOLLY STEVENSON bursts out from behind her cloud and brings highlights to all the land. Idyllic.

Holly’s Highlights Week 2

HOLLY STEVENSON sets up a clothes horse. Some culture is surveyed as well, but we all know what the real story is here.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 1

After a week of being distracted by totty, HOLLY STEVENSON finds new ways to distract herself.

The Allure of the Nerd

Forget the rest – it’s what’s between a man’s ears that counts.

Holly’s Highlights Week 0

Marmite and cheese with Rodin, lime jelly with Cumberbatch: HOLLY STEVENSON shows you how to devour another week’s culture.

Top 5: Thinking Totty

HOLLY STEVENSON rounds up the most gifted and gorgeous men and women in TV land for your delectation.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 8

It’s week 8 – you’ve made it! Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON is here to guide you around the best events of the week, and give you a celebratory pat on the back.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 7

HOLLY STEVENSON picks the best cultural things to do this week. This week is all about comedy gigs, vampires and celebrities in jungles.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 6

In an attempt to counter act the Week 6 munchies, HOLLY STEVENSON is walking, cycling and jogging around Cambridge to find cultural things to do.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 5

Nursing a Dirty Double-related hangover, Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON feeds you the comforting soup of Culture as Week 5 hits.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 3

Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON cracks out her top cultural tips for the week. You love it.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 2

Flat-cap flaunting? Vintage-clothes wearing? Martini-craving? Boy, has Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON got some cultural highlights for you.

Five Minutes with The Rifles

HOLLY STEVENSON has a quickie with Jam-lovers (of the Paul Weller variety), THE RIFLES.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 1

Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON gives you a good dose of all things cultural to cure your Freshers’ flu. Swallow it, it’s good for you.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 0

Fancy doing something cultural to balance out your Freshers’ Week binge? Check out Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON’s guide to what’s on this week.

TV Not Quite Wangtastic For Phil

Comedian Phil Wang appears on the Rob Brydon Show, but it isn’t all glitz and glamour.

Confessions of the Infertile: Part 2

HOLLY STEVENSON is back for Part 2 in the series of her confessions about life with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Confessions of the Infertile: Part 1

For HOLLY STEVENSON, the pill seemed to mean pounds more weight and terrible mood swings; and for a long time she had no idea why.

10 Questions: Stephen Merchant

‘There’s a reason why James Bond doesn’t have a West Country accent – it just ain’t cool and sophisticated.’ HOLLY STEVENSON talks to ‘speccy, lanky nerd’ STEPHEN MERCHANT.

10 Questions: Mary Beard

MARY BEARD: “Once naughty, always naughty!” HOLLY STEVENSON talks to Britain’s best known Classicist about Jamie’s Dream School, Kate and Wills’ wedding, and being ‘the thinking man’s Ann Widdecombe.’


HOLLY STEVENSON: Nice band; shame about the audience.

Interview: Robert Bathurst

‘I lied at my Cambridge interview, saying I wanted to be a barrister. I reckoned that if I said I wanted to be an actor they’d quickly show me the door.’ HOLLY STEVENSON talks to ROBERT BATHURST, best known as ‘David from Cold Feet’ and the ‘seedy old widow’ in Downton Abbey.

10 Outrageous Questions: Omid Djalili

Want to know Omid Djalili’s worst habit? Or where he would hide an elephant? Find out HERE: we ask the questions you wish you could, but wouldn’t dare…

British Sea Power

HOLLY STEVENSON: nice songs, shame about the static band and exceedingly long set.

Teddy Thompson

Review: HOLLY STEVENSON reviews Teddy Thompson: ‘Teddy is like Michael Buble with a dark side’.

Interview: Feeder

‘We have always tried to make music that we think is good and be true to ourselves. Songs can be timeless, whereas trends come and go.’ HOLLY STEVENSON uncovers the secret behind FEEDER’s long-term success from frontman GRANT NICHOLAS.

Clare Comedy with Ed Gamble

HOLLY STEVENSON blames the audience for her uphill struggle to comedy nirvana


HOLLY STEVENSON: ‘Despite being on the soundtrack of almost every American teen drama you can think of, Joel Pott’s song to his prematurely born daughter still retains all of its power.’

Tab Interview: The Mystery Jets

‘There’s been no knickers on this tour, which I’m a little disappointed about; I like to walk on stage with a good bundleful.’ HOLLY STEVENSON steps onto the tour bus of indie underdogs THE MYSTERY JETS.

Tab Interview: Jake Humphrey

‘There were vending machines distributing condoms instead of toothbrushes.’ HOLLY STEVENSON speaks to BBC presenter and Formula 1 anchor JAKE HUMPHREY.

Tab Interview: Laura Watson

HOLLY STEVENSON talks thrillers and chilling murders with EastEnders scriptwriter LAURA WATSON.

Tab Interview: The Wanted

‘The tea towel was just perched over the crotch area…’ HOLLY STEVENSON interrogates boyband THE WANTED member TOM PARKER.

The Mystery Jets

HOLLY STEVENSON: ‘They felt more like children’s entertainers than bad ass rock ‘n’ rollers.’

Carl Barat

HOLLY STEVENSON: ‘Carl Barat was playing Supernanny with us, treating us to a Libertines song, but only if we swallowed his new stuff without complaint.’

Tab Interview: Ellie Kendrick

Actress and Jesus College student Ellie Kendrick talks to HOLLY STEVENSON about her career so far, her Cambridge projects, and the dissertation that she really should have written by now…

Tab Interview: Carol Vorderman

HOLLY STEVENSON talks to Carol Vorderman about her time at Cambridge, Countdown, and her ‘interesting’ fashion sense…

Tab Interview: Lynn Barber

HOLLY STEVENSON talks to Sunday Times interviewer Lynn Barber, whose memoirs inspired the Nick Hornby film ‘An Education’.

Tab Interview: The Saturdays

HOLLY STEVENSON talks to The Saturdays’ Mollie King about the X Factor, song writing and the genius of Britney Spears.

Tab Interview: Simon Bird

Simon Bird talks to HOLLY STEVENSON about The Inbetweeners, Footlights and life since Cambridge.

Dress to Impress

HOLLY STEVENSON on the pressures on looking good during May Week.

Holiday No-mance

HOLLY STEVENSON gives advice on how not to get dumped on holiday.

Love Across The Miles

HOLLY STEVENSON investigates the ‘interesting’ methods people use to keep their long-distance relationships alive.

Slippery Nipples

HOLLY STEVENSON investigates whether Carla Bruni going braless was an example of brazen glory or, put simply, a boob.

The Price Is Right?

With May Ball tickets sending us into our overdrafts, HOLLY STEVENSON asks whether one night can ever live up to its price tag.

Art Attack

Armageddon, acid house raves, a jar of solidified wank? HOLLY STEVENSON investigates the weird and wonderful world of creativity in Cambridge.