Gabrielle Turi
Campus Editor of The Tab BU

Students rally against sexual assault in higher education

“This is an issue that has been present at universities for a very long time and will continue to be present”

BREAKING: Law building evacuated

Not again….

Updated: Man shot on Boston Common, sustains life-threatening injury

One suspect ran into a T station nearby

Nicholas Fuentes on his time at BU: ‘I lived rent free in the minds of the phony people who derided me most’

His thoughts on Charlottesville, Boston University, and the ‘Alt-Left’

Three new restaraunts have opened near West Campus

Say goodbye to your money

Annual Comm Ave Charity Classic raises over $50,000 for ALS and Travis Roy Foundation

There’s nothing like bringing up the BU-BC hockey rivalry in the middle of July

If Michelle Carter was my friend when I was considering suicide, I would have killed myself

Stepping back means a part of you doesn’t want to go through with it

With love, from the Pride Parade

‘For me, the most difficult thing about coming out wasn’t the action of coming out, but rather, my continual need to come out to people’

BU is in the top 100 universities in the world

You’ll never guess how hard Boston College fell

In case you missed it: Boston Calling was epic

A fun-filled weekend with lots of crying, partying, weed and mosh pits

Your guide to the new and improved Boston Calling

It’s lit

It’s finals week – what do you really want to say to your professor?

Sorry not sorry

Breaking: BU is getting its football team back

Who’s ready to tailgate?

It’s official: Stuvi2 is one of the most luxurious dorms in America

If you can afford it

No power in Hojo and parts of Bay State Road

Students are not having a good morning

PSA: BU is having a snow day tomorrow

Who’s ready for the one to two feet of expected snow?

BU won’t give a snow day tomorrow and people are pissed

What the hell BU?


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for

BU’s best reactions to the Pats’ Super Bowl win

From partying in the streets by Copley Square to watching it abroad on the other side of the world

Warren Towers evacuated early this morning

‘Anyone who was forced to evacuate in flip flops wanna join a class action lawsuit with me? I deserve to be compensated for losing my toes’

Trump supporter’s presence sparks violence at the Rally Against Xenophobia at BU

Hundreds attended the rally, but the actions of a small number of attendees threatened the organizers’s message of compassion

Over 120,000 people showed up to the Boston Women’s March

“We can whimper, we can whine, or we can fight back and I’m here to fight back”

This BU senior started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for Planned Parenthood

Backers will get a Pussy Grabs Back patch

BU class of 2016 graduate struck and killed by car

She was walking on a sidewalk in Mission Hill when a car lost control in the snow

The ultimate guide to holiday events in Boston

It’s that magical time of the year again

At least weed is legal now

Light one up for the future of this country

LIVE: Terrier reactions by the half hour

Emotions and reactions of the students packed into BU Central and the Howard Thurman Center

Fire alarms and power outages hit West Campus dorms

Some students are now stuck outside, still wearing their pajamas

Insomnia Cookies giving away FREE cookies today

Eat away your midterm stress

The best restaurants in Boston for Parents Weekend

Places broke college students can’t afford, but Mom and Dad can

What happened at the BU Central watch party of the final presidential debate

Didn’t go? You missed out

Alcohol related arrests at BU have gone down

Good work everyone

Four recent BU grads victims of Chelsea bombing

They were on their way to the subway when the device went off

U.S. News and World Report ranked BU in the top 40 universities

BU is gaining while BC is slipping

A guide to BU’s acronyms

BU- Best University

BU just got hotter

Behind the BUchelorette, BU’s hottest new radio show

Tips to make your move in as easy as possible

If you live in Warren, good luck

Poor at a private university

‘Much love, never forget, we are ‪‎poor but united‬’

Miss Teen USA is not inspiring young girls – it’s tearing them down

There’s a winner who sent racist Tweets, a lack of diversity, and false beauty standards

How my abusive teachers led to my anxiety

I have to thank my college friends for helping me through

BU warns about spoof emails sent out to students

The phishing emails ask for students’ email logins and passwords

BU is one of the top 100 universities in the world

Oh yeah, we beat Boston College (again)

Our beloved Citgo Sign is being considered for landmark status

Boston – and BU freshmen – would be lost without it

The new Ghostbusters cast is made up of women – get over it

It’s one thing to complain about aspects of the film, but it is just wrong to say it’s horrible because of its female cast

Women in retail reveal their weirdest encounters

The customer is always right – right?

Two hit after car swerves onto the COM lawn

An accident due to texting caused havoc in front of BU’s Communications building

Was it just me or were the Mother’s and Father’s day Snapchat filters sexist?

Not all dads are these buff, manly men, just as not all moms love everything pink and glittery and anything else deemed super girly

From small town to big city: The shock of catcalling and other offenses

Trust me, a catcall is and will never be a compliment

The necessities of festival outfits

Wearing all black may look good, but you’ll be a sweaty mess

I’m a 18-year-old girl and I take pride in my huge obsession with Pokemon

I’m used to guys staring when I walk into a video game store

Students protest Neo-Nazi posters at Marsh Plaza

They marched to COM where one of the posters was chanting ‘Hey hey ho ho, nazi scum has got to go’

No one knows who BU’s Class of 2016 commencement speaker is

It’s not Shia LaBeouf

BU’s BosTones a cappella group is heading to NYC

One a cappella group gets their very own Pitch Perfect experience

Dear high school seniors, this is why you should commit to BU

In case you weren’t convinced already

The best photos from the 120th Boston Marathon

Just in case you missed the race

LIVE: Boston Marathon Monday

We’re here at the finish of the marathon with updates on what’s going on

What you missed at BU this week

Law suits and dogs on the BU beach

Let’s get ready for Marathon Monday


Lawsuit filed against both BU and CFA professor

Two women filed the lawsuit for alleged sexual harassment

What you missed at BU this week

DJs and snowstorms and a nineties dinner

Warren towers A and B evacuated early this morning

And the C tower fire alarms did not go off…again

What you missed at BU this week

A lot’s happened this week

BU beach is hiring lifeguards

The job is $11.25 an hour

RIT sent out a student satisfaction survey that linked to porn

Now that’s what I call satisfaction

What you missed at BU this week

Why do so many of our buildings have drills or actual fires?

BREAKING: Warren Towers evacuated after fire in basement

It was not a drill

BU created an educational course on sexual assault

The course addresses the many forms of sexual assault, including sexual harassment, stalking, and abuse in relationships

What you missed at BU this week

The mumps and Chris Hardwick?

The ultimate guide to FYSOP

It’s a wild week

The state of Massachusetts just passed a new law restricting prescription drugs

Schools will be allowed to screen students verbally to try and crack down the number of drug abusers

BU athletics page is up for grabs

Bid on it while you can

State officials are questioning MBTA’s decision to end late night T-service

They believe the MBTA failed to assess the effects of the termination

MBTA annouces end to late-night T service

Guess we’ll just have to walk

What you missed at BU this week

Things like Senior Night for Men’s Hockey and the inside scoop on what it’s like to be on Survivor

What it’s like going to Big Air Fenway

Sitting in the below zero temperatures was totally worth it

What you missed at BU this week

Everything from free burritos to the Beanpot finals

We tried to ask BU what they think of Trump but nobody wanted to

‘I don’t want to talk about it’ – Everyone

TD Garden loses power during Beanpot game

The lights started turning off one by one

What you missed at BU this week

Everything from helicopters to Borat

VOTE: The ultimate BU vs BC battle

Voting ends Monday at noon. Let the games begin

BREAKING: Four helicopters circling after hydrochloric acid leak outside of Myles

Police and firemen are on the scene

What happens when a chemistry major attends a COM lecture

Things got weird

BREAKING: FitRec reopened after evacuation

Fire trucks were on the scene

UPDATE: Greek rock has been restored

Delta Tau Delta came to the rescue

BREAKING: BC has defiled the Greek Rock

How dare they

Remembering Alan Rickman: Terriers reflect on their favorite memories

“He had a voice like butter accompanied by a genius mind”

BREAKING: BU just banned hoverboards on campus

Guess you’ll have to walk now

Who has the most Holiday cheer?

We explored BU to find the people and rooms with the most holiday craze

These students are about to see Star Wars

How long will it take before they start crying?

The best of BU this week

Finals are almost here

Why BU is better than BC

According to social media

The best of BU this week

Let’s just say things were a bit hectic

Our student loans are ‘astronomically high’, says new data

At BU they’re nearly 100 percent higher than the national average

What it’s like working in a clothes store on Black Friday

The number of curses we hear on our headsets drastically increases

Alcohol violations have gone up to 1,004 cases in 2014

Up from 701 in 2013

The best of BU this week

Red Hot Hockey and some turkey, too

What happened my first time at the House of Blues

I wish I knew I could get in first if I bought food

The best of BU this week

Did you see the rabbit in EPIC?

What is going on with the Stu Gov? The inside story

An interview with CGS Senator Samantha Day