Gabrielle Turi
Campus Editor of The Tab BU

Students rally against sexual assault in higher education

“This is an issue that has been present at universities for a very long time and will continue to be present”

BREAKING: Law building evacuated

Not again….

Updated: Man shot on Boston Common, sustains life-threatening injury

One suspect ran into a T station nearby

Nicholas Fuentes on his time at BU: ‘I lived rent free in the minds of the phony people who derided me most’

His thoughts on Charlottesville, Boston University, and the ‘Alt-Left’

Three new restaraunts have opened near West Campus

Say goodbye to your money

Annual Comm Ave Charity Classic raises over $50,000 for ALS and Travis Roy Foundation

There’s nothing like bringing up the BU-BC hockey rivalry in the middle of July

If Michelle Carter was my friend when I was considering suicide, I would have killed myself

Stepping back means a part of you doesn’t want to go through with it

With love, from the Pride Parade

‘For me, the most difficult thing about coming out wasn’t the action of coming out, but rather, my continual need to come out to people’

BU is in the top 100 universities in the world

You’ll never guess how hard Boston College fell

In case you missed it: Boston Calling was epic

A fun-filled weekend with lots of crying, partying, weed and mosh pits

Your guide to the new and improved Boston Calling

It’s lit

It’s finals week – what do you really want to say to your professor?

Sorry not sorry

Breaking: BU is getting its football team back

Who’s ready to tailgate?

It’s official: Stuvi2 is one of the most luxurious dorms in America

If you can afford it

No power in Hojo and parts of Bay State Road

Students are not having a good morning

PSA: BU is having a snow day tomorrow

Who’s ready for the one to two feet of expected snow?

BU won’t give a snow day tomorrow and people are pissed

What the hell BU?


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for

BU’s best reactions to the Pats’ Super Bowl win

From partying in the streets by Copley Square to watching it abroad on the other side of the world

Warren Towers evacuated early this morning

‘Anyone who was forced to evacuate in flip flops wanna join a class action lawsuit with me? I deserve to be compensated for losing my toes’