Griffin Leeds
Assistant Editor at The Tab

In the face of nationwide Sanders defeatism, Indiana kept the faith

I went back to my home state to watch Bernie upset Hillary

IU students did not get the vote out

But more than 3,000 showed up to see Bernie speak

On the brink of the nomination, Donald tones down the Trump

This isn’t the same Trump from before

I went to a Hillary Clinton rally in a black neighborhood. Everyone was white

Almost everyone

Bernie Sanders is coming to IU this Wednesday

Wednesday evening he’ll be at the IU Auditorium

Ranked: The IU Rowdiest Res Halls

Who had the most IUPD reports during Little 500?

Someone was stabbed at Brothers last night

The condition of the victim is currently unknown

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Dominican friar mistaken for an armed KKK klansman

‘So, you don’t hate black people?’

Everyone mistook a priest for a KKK member

He was spotted at Red Mango

Jordan Avenue bridge ‘vandalism’ officially banned

‘IU receives too much negative attention over the inflammatory things some organizations have painted on these bridges’

The IU baseball team sorority recruitment vid spoof is on point

‘Beyond being consistently one of IU’s strongest athletic programs, they also knocked this parody out of the park’

The IU campus is a total ghost town right now

Here’s some photo evidence

IU student’s video of his Harry Potter studio tour in London is pure magic

Like you wouldn’t cry if you got to stand in the Great Hall

What’s your reaction to Facebook’s new reactions?

Has Facebook outdone itself or done itself in?

What’s your reaction to Facebook reactions?

Has Facebook outdone itself or done itself in?

The Tab Wash U is here, bringing a student news alternative

‘We’re a network of Wash U students writing stuff you actually care about in a style you actually want to read’

Who will win the Purdue–IU game this Saturday?

You choose: Boilermakers or Hoosiers

Who will win the IU–Purdue game this Saturday?

You choose: Hoosiers or Boilermakers

Going to a party school doesn’t mean I’m dumb

Don’t stereotype me

My love letter to the Delta Gamma shortcut

This under-appreciated pathway should be made part of the IU Bucket List

The Ballantine stairs explained

‘Little 500 riders use Ballantine to train during the winter months — that’s how hardcore these stairs are’

Man in charge of preventing sexual misconduct accused of sexual misconduct

Jason Casares’ lawyer denied the allegations

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