Graciela Robertson

CU-Boulder one of the top 25 schools reported for sexual abuse or harassment in anonymous Google form

‘I dozed off on a couch and woke up with the other observer stroking my genitals’

A bittersweet goodbye to our very own Asian Sherlock

Asian Sherlock is moving on to bigger and better things…graduation included

PSA: Boss Lady is giving away free pizzas each week until November 10th

Halloweekend just got WAYYYY better

So…When is Halloweekend?

Since Halloween is on a Tuesday, when is halloweekend?

CU-Boulder fans definitely fuck and we have proof

‘Eat Mor Ass’

I went on a blind date with Asian Sherlock and he is the most eligible bachelor at CU

He is a 10/10, scoop him up like ice cream before it’s too late

CU officially named one of the most beautiful college campuses in America

Not surprised, she’s a banger

Running with Ralphie named one of the best college football traditions

It’s only 3 days until kickoff!!

CU-Boulder doubling mental health service fee makes us question how much they value mental health

So because students are ACTUALLY using the services, they’re making them less affordable?

CU Boulder guys are ranked third most attractive college men in the nation

Save a horse, ride a Buff

I spent five days in Trump’s America wearing a hijab to see how people treated me

‘I looked up and smiled, then he bent down and whispered ‘Go home’ in my ear’

Petition launched to ban Milo Yiannopoulos from CU-Boulder

It currently has over 1,500 signatures

What does your profile picture say about you?

A picture is worth a thousand words

BU sophomore Dev Blair creates hashtag campaign

A simple unexpected academic fee led to the #poorataprivateuniversity movement

Your ultimate guide to themed parties in college

Did anyone tell you college is basically one big Halloween party?

Every reason BU is the best college on earth

BU more like BAE U

My day without any makeup

Otherwise known as a day of horrible selfies

How to survive your first job interview

Can someone help me figure out LinkedIn?

Is my natural curly hair unprofessional?

I think that in order to be taken seriously, I as a woman of color must have straight hair

Everything I learned from babysitting

Kids aren’t easy, especially if they’re not yours