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Michelle Obama will visit Temple University for College Signing Day

She is planned to visit the Liacouras Center on May 2

How you can help the foundation created by the family of Jenna Burleigh

The event that will take place in the Trocadero Theatre at 7:00 p.m.

Jenna Burleigh murder: Neighbor of Temple murder suspect testifies hearing ‘terrifying’ screams at 4 AM

Josh Hupperterz is charged with murder, possession of an instrument of crime, abuse of corpse and related offenses

‘I love him and I will never forget him’: Michael Paytas’ best friend pays tribute to his memory

Temple student Michael Paytas passed away this Monday

Seth Rogen just responded to this Temple student’s viral Twitter video

Kalen Allen’s Tasty video roast has absolutely blown up

We spoke to the Temple couple who wrote ‘Milk and Vine,’ the parody book that went viral on Twitter

The book is currently ahead of Joe Biden and Obama on Amazon’s Best-Sellers list

Banana found on door handle of black students’ dorm

They’re the only entirely black room on the floor

A definitive answer to the age-old debate: Should you fuck your friend?

This is why I don’t have friends

Encounters with Josh Hupperterz – My roommate texted me: ‘GET HIM OUT RIGHT NOW’

‘We were both so afraid of him, that he might do something’

Her son died from alcohol poisoning after a party. Now she’s fighting to stop binge-drinking deaths

Mary Ciammetti started the ‘Don’t Stall, Just Call’ campaign to help students like her son Christian

The tragic death of Jenna Burleigh, the student murdered during her first week at Temple

‘Our beautiful Jenna is now in Heaven. RIP honey’

‘Jenna Burleigh was a free spirit, open with everyone and always there for me’

A close friend of Jenna pays tribute to her memory

Missing Temple student Jenna Burleigh found dead

She had been missing since Thursday

Over 50 student body presidents stand in solidarity against the racism in Charlottesville

Student leaders from across the country organized this statement last night

#Blackgirlmagic will change the world, and it’s starting with these dolls from Healthy Roots

‘As I pulled the wrapping back and saw the brown skin, I burst into tears’

No, body positivity isn’t ‘ignoring health concerns’

Just a casual PSA

Like Bill Cosby, my rapist was a powerful man. This is why I’ll never report my sexual assault

Men like them could tarnish reputations, hard work and how we view ourselves

QUIZ: Which celebrity best friend duo are you?

I’m Beyoncé, and you’re Kelly Rowland

A year ago I was dying from an eating disorder — last week I graduated high school

‘I have hope for the future, even if my success takes a little bit longer than others’

QUIZ: Which iconic Samantha Jones phase are you?

I’m a fabulous mess

Walking home alone used to be my escape — until I was sexually harassed

I kept blaming myself for looking the way I do because it had to be my fault

A full investigation of the best time to post on Instagram for the most likes

I tested out all the times experts say are ‘prime’

Meet the guy who ditched the flowers and got his date a turkey leg for prom

“We talked about turkey legs before so I thought, ‘Why not?'”

These high school students were told memes weren’t art, so they entered an art contest using one

“meM3s aRen’T a FoRM oF aRT”

Former Rutgers football player Khaseem Greene indicted in Elizabeth shooting

He’s been charged with aggravated assault

We asked a career expert about the importance of your GPA on your résumé

Résumé season is upon us, who will survive?

The shooting next to Temple campus: As it happened

Temple have warned students to stay in place

Temple University student called a ‘chopstick’ by stranger at the Bell Tower

‘Ironic since I’m terrible with chopsticks’

Temple student called the N-word repeatedly by stranger during altercation near campus

The girl said she used the racial slur ‘in the heat of the moment’

‘One of the cops shoved a bike in front of my face’: Protests against police brutality intensified on Temple’s Campus

Protestors were pepper sprayed as tensions grew amongst protestors and Philadelphia police

We spoke to Emma Sulkowicz, the Columbia grad behind ‘mattress girl’

The artist has a new performance in Philadelphia

Take The Tab’s interracial dating survey

Have your say

We spoke to Cuban-American students celebrating Castro’s death

‘My family was thrown in prison for trying to leave the country’

As a Latina, I’m afraid for the future

We have families and friends who were counting on this election for reform

‘They started beating my head and back’: We spoke to the victim of a mob attack

A mob of kids have been attacking people near Temple’s campus

The Latinos for Trump founder is terrified of his own culture

‘You are going to have taco trucks on every corner’

Girls tell us their coming out stories

My mother thought I was gay for hugging my best friend. I’m straight, but what if I wasn’t?

I’m the living example of what a coffee addiction can do to you

In nine months, I spent $429.64 at coffee shops – so I gave it up for a month

What it’s really like being a teen mom

‘No matter what age you are, you’re never ready for a child’

I’m not ashamed of my Daddy Dom Little Girl fetish

‘A lot of my friends think it’s really weird and dangerous, yet here I am STD free and alive’

Fetishes: it’s time we talked about our guilty pleasures

‘I like fighting for dominance’

Ladies, it’s time we’re proud of our Freshman 15

It’s time to be that model for girls who are younger than us

QUIZ: How well do you know the U.S. Immigration system?

It’s more complicated than you think

International students are more likely to cheat than Americans

Faculty members interviewed specifically singled out Chinese students

There’s an ongoing problem with the U.S. Women’s Soccer team’s pay

They have won more World Cups than the Men’s team – but they’re paid less

‘Point and laugh at Trump Tower’ protest planned

Thousands have clicked attending

Seniors at a NC high school thought building ‘Trump’s wall’ would be a great prank

I shouldn’t have to explain that Trump’s wall isn’t a joke

Protesters put 420 pairs of women’s panties on Copacabana Beach

They represent the number of rapes committed every 72 hours in Brazil

President Obama has endorsed Hillary Clinton

‘I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office’

Racist internet trolls demand segregated pageants after Deshauna Barber wins Miss USA

Miss DC is a member of the US army and an IT analyst

‘This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to speak to someone with no filter’

What it’s like to visit the U.S./ Mexican border

‘If you look up at the sky, there are no boundaries. Borders and fences are man-made’

I met a mother who crossed the Mexican border at El Paso to save her daughter

Why Latino voters should not give up on this election

We need to stick together

Temple Towers evacuated in suspected fire, when in fact it was just steam

Everyone thought they saw smoke

VIDEO: We went around campus giving people Valentine’s Day flowers

Watch us make some Temple students happy

There’s a freshman making delicious sandwiches out of his 1300 dorm room

They call him the ‘1300 Sandwich Gnome’ and the sandwiches are GOOD