Francesca Croce
Co-Editor, The Tab Columbia
Francesca grew up in the United States and Argentina. She is a junior at Columbia College majoring in History.
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Cynthia Nixon, Barnard ’88, is running for NY governor

Such a Miranda thing to do

Anthony Scaramucci tells Columbia students: ‘The Russians likely interfered in the election’

He also praised Bernie Sanders

Barnard senior Caroline Montgomery dies in California mudslide

Dean Hinkson highlighted that the young woman was passionate about fashion

Columbia professor retires amid sexual harassment claims

Thomas Roma was director of the photography program at Columbia’s School of the Arts

GS second-year student Hannah Weiss has died

Hannah Weiss was an active member of the JTS and Columbia communities

Columbia mourns the loss of Gage Bellitto

Gage Bellitto was a sophomore at Columbia College

Meet the students behind Generation Nine: The new must-have clothing brand

‘It’s a very strong message to put out there’

CU College Republicans say they’re being targeted by anti-fascist flyers

‘If you see Ari, let him know what you think…’

Your definitive guide to every kind of Ivy League fuckboy

Keep your eyes open

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How to rush Columbia frats, by Columbia frats

Your ultimate guide

Could Obama be Harvard’s next president?

The Boston Globe seems to think so

In Somaliland, girls are expected to marry young and become mothers. Now she’s studying at a top US college

People seldom motivate girls to go to school or be educated

UVA student charged with rape and forcible sodomy of young woman

He is the grandson of a former Virginia governor

UCSD ranked as one of the top 30 schools in the world

It is ahead of Northwestern but behind Duke

Duke ranked as one of the top 30 schools in the world

It is ahead of UCSD but behind NYU

Columbia has the 12th best reputation in the world according to new rankings

We’re ahead of Penn but behind Yale

Fundraiser for Columbia student hit by car raises $206,000 in just two days

The fundraiser is helping to cover medical and legal bills

In her home country, girls are expected to be quiet. Now she’s on her way to America’s best women’s college

‘At Abaarso, I actually felt that was the first time I could compete with boys’

Former FBI director leaked his memos to Columbia Law professor

Daniel Richman teaches Federal Criminal Law

$5,000 will get you this absolutely disgusting dorm at Columbia

The cockroaches are free

I used to herd goats in Ethiopia and now I finished a degree at MIT

‘I’m going back to MIT for a masters in the fall’

Yale ranked one of the top 20 schools in the world

It is ahead of Columbia but behind Cornell

Columbia ranked one of the top 20 schools in the world

We’re ahead of Penn but behind Yale

This student has just 10 days left to crowdfund his Harvard tuition fees

‘This is about demonstrating that regardless of your circumstance, your aspirations can be limitless’

Columbia student in critical condition after hit-and-run

A man has been arrested in connection to the incident

U up? An oral history of Columbia fuckboys

He asked me: ‘Are you in a sorority?’ and when I said no, he left immediately

‘I fell in love with Columbia’: How a high schooler from the Philippines got into her dream school

‘Columbia has a very low acceptance rate and I thought I would never get into it’

International students explain their biggest surprise coming to college in America

‘Some people are surprised that internationals are fluent in English’

No Red Tape holds rally in support of Title IX at Columbia

‘Columbia is not doing enough to protect survivors’

The best lunch places to eat around Columbia

That aren’t in Columbia

Two thirds of Columbia students think Psychological Services are insufficient

This comes as Columbia is re-evaluating CPS

Take The Tab Columbia’s mental health survey

We want to hear your experiences

Columbia protests against Trump’s ‘racist assault against Muslims’

‘Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here’

Trump’s ban is against ‘founding ideals’ says President Bollinger in passionate letter to student body

There will be a rally tomorrow at 5pm

Columbia mourns the loss of Yi-Chia ‘Mia’ Chen

Mia Chen was an exchange student at Columbia from Waseda University in Japan

Hannah Cho is the coolest student at Columbia

She travels the world and takes breathtaking photographs

Memorial to be held for Columbia senior who passed away this morning

Mounia Abousaid was a senior in Columbia College

International students explain their fear of a Trump presidency

Students might think twice about coming to the US

Columbia to protect undocumented students after last week’s walkout

And pledged to increase financial aid to them

‘This man is unfit to be our President’: Hundreds protest outside Trump Tower

‘He called me a criminal, drug dealer and rapist’

Columbia Wrestling Team apologizes for lewd and racist messages

The writers of ‘what a gay fuck’ and ‘she gives head to anyone that joins’ apologize

BREAKING: Columbia students walkout in anti-Trump protest

Hundreds of people are outside Low Library

Columbia is officially the second most expensive college

And the most expensive Ivy League

The Wall Street Journal ranked Columbia the number one Ivy school


The complete guide to parents’ social media etiquette

‘Thanks for the pictures, hope all is going well. LOL’

Every mistake you’ll make as a freshman at Columbia

Good luck with your 8:40

Columbia students stand in solidarity with #NiUnaMenos

Stop violence against women in Latin America

75 percent of Columbia students want Hillary to be president

Our poll shows we’re with her

Take The Tab’s nationwide election poll here

Who will you be voting for?

Trump’s supporters are full of hate, just like his policies

Hillary’s plans sounded coherent last night, but Trump’s fans were raving

A definitive guide to living at Columbia, based on dorm bathrooms

Everything they won’t show you on the college dorm tour

Donald Trump once said PrezBo was a ‘total moron’

‘Bollinger is terrible!’

Of course The Princeton Review ranked Columbia highly – we’re the greatest university on earth

An ode to Columbia

Coming home as an international student is never what you expect

It’s OK for you to feel like Columbia is also ‘home’

My father is a mailman and I made it to Columbia

‘If I had to describe Columbia in one word, it would be opportunity’

Which historical Babe are you?

Slaying since 1463

We asked people in Buenos Aires what they think of the US Elections

‘The truth is though, that I don’t really like Americans.’

Our parents’ arranged marriages

Four children tell us their stories

ISIS’ destruction of Palmyra should make us all angry

‘Dude, what is Palmyra?’

White, Latina or Both?

‘I can’t believe I ever felt the need to justify myself’