Francesca Hill
Francesca Hill is pretty old by Cambridge standards, and has a bit of a complex about it. Once a Modern Languages student, she now does Management and spends her time making panna cotta in a variety of flavours and clinging to the vestiges of her BNOC status with “hilarious” and/or…

Jesus May Ball 2013

FRANCESCA HILL dresses like a middle-aged woman and spends a long time staring at a some pretty lights.

What’s On – Week 7

Finished exams? Tab Culture has some ideas about things to do.

Review: Alt-J

The music was great, but FRANCESCA HILL thinks the atmosphere left a lot to be desired.

MaD: Monologues & Duologues

FRANCESCA HILL found this selection of new material partly surreal, partly underwhelming.

Big Questions: CUSU Presidential Candidates

Veteran student politico FRANCESCA HILL grills the presidential candidates ahead of the upcoming elections.

What’s On At The Theatre

JAMES MACNAMARA and FRANCESCA HILL wish they had lots of really good news for you, but they don’t, particularly. Sorry.

The 24 Hour Musical

FRANCESCA HILL was blown away by CUMTS’ musical depictions of the apocalypse.

Pembroke Black Tie Smoker

Jaded Theatre Editor FRANCESCA HILL has her bitter heart warmed by this quirky comedy night.

The May Ball Conundrum

Scarred by past experience, FRANCESCA HILL moans about May Week and offers a few tips.

Becky Shaw

FRANCESCA HILL went in search of dark comedy. What she found wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t comedy.

Corpus Smoker

Kids, step away from the ADC: there’s more to comedy than the Footlights. FRANCESCA HILL reviews the Corpus Smoker.

The Tab Guide to Foreign Film

Communists, soft-core porn, and Johnny Depp’s wife: FRANCESCA HILL shows you the friendly face of Foreign Film.

Selwyn Snow Ball

The cold, the queues – the cut throat shaves? Not everything was your standard winter ball at Selwyn this Bridgemas…

That Face

“You wish you had a cushion to hide behind.” It’s a sign of its prowess that this show is difficult to enjoy, writes FRANCESCA HILL.

Me, As a Penguin

‘I’d hate to give the impression that my allegiance can be bought with baked goods, but there was Battenberg on the seats when I arrived.’ This has more to offer than just cake, writes FRANCESCA HILL.

The Last Five Years

This feel-sad musical is well worth watching, writes FRANCESCA HILL.

Disco Pigs

FRANCESCA HILL on a play that sometimes rocked, but occasionally left her in the dark.

Andy Murray: What’s The Racquet About?

FRANCESCA HILL asks what all the hype is about with Andy Murray.

Pastor Jones’ Climbdown Is Little Cause For Celebration

FRANCESCA HILL: ‘Pastor Jones sees himself as a noble figure, acting to save the American people from yet another injustice’.