Ezgi Toper
Ezgi Toper
Deputy Editor of The Tab BU

The Tab BU is now accepting writers and photographers for Fall 2017

Applications are open to join our team this semester and here’s how to apply

EXCLUSIVE: These guys didn’t find a fraternity they wanted to join at BU, so they started their own

“I was really nervous about joining a fraternity… Starting one would allow me to create my own rules,” said Vice President of Phi Kappa Tau’s Boston Colony.

EXCLUSIVE: The Dear Abbeys just released a music video, and it’s guaranteed to make you swoon

‘This is the next step for not only our group, but collegiate a cappella as a whole.’

Trump’s father, who was arrested at a KKK riot, is on a BU donor ‘Honor Roll’

Fred Trump is connected to Marsh Plaza, the heart of our campus meant to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

The photographer behind the Allston Crawl Instagram

‘Some of the funnier times are when people don’t remember that I took photos of them and later see them on the Instagram’

Savage Urban Dictionary entries about BU

You can tell which ones were written by BC kids

Just to be sure, is there still a gunman in Allston or nah?

Because an ‘all clear’ would be nice, BU

Give America hope again (with chocolate)

This terrier stood outside CFA handing out chocolate to everyone in the cold

Snapchats BU students take on a night out

We all have at least one complete stranger squad pic

Everything you need to know about Rhett

Adorable facts about our Boston Terrier mascot

The best social media reactions to Student Link Crashing

Around 11:50am this morning all bu.edu sites went down and people lost their minds

BU Alum pitches business to Project Runway: Fashion Start-Up

She sold 30% of her company in a deal with Rebecca Minkoff

Roommate and neighbor horror stories

‘I puked on my roommate’s $300 bean bag on his first night rooming with us’

BU ghostbusters encounter ghost of Kilachand

They made a ouija board to communicate with Eugene O’Neill’s ghost

Tales of the haunted fourth floor of Kilachand Hall

‘We thought it was someone knocking on the room next door, but then we realized no one was in the room next door.’

Things you’ll only know if you grew up Turkish

No matter how hot the weather outside is, a day doesn’t pass by without a glass of çay

Yawkey Center evacuated this morning after ‘emergency in building’

‘These things always happen’

MBTA police name BU freshman fatally struck by train

Authorities released his name Wednesday morning

A New York psychic predicted Trump winning the election in August

Tarot cards never lie

Why does Trump keep joking about having sex with his daughters?

‘If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father’

An honest guide to staying friends with your ex

Keep your drunk self under control