Erin Hudson

Erin Hudson
Cambridge University


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Year Abroad Report: Croissants and COVID-19

My first three weeks (ish) in France

Netflix: How to stop your language languishing

MMLLers share their fave foreign language Netflix shows

Opinion: Cambridge should allow students to undertake paid jobs during term-time

Working 9 to 5 (but only outside term-time)

Law students sign open letter asking for assessments on a ‘pass or fail’ basis

Almost 50 per cent of first and second year law students have signed

Cambridge student launches petition calling for exam ‘safety net’ with 312 signatures and counting

A student has started a petition for a ‘no-detriment’ approach to exams.

Cambridge admissions: University issues COVID-19 advice for offer holders

The university has published advice for UK, EU and International offer holders after the cancellation of A-Levels due to COVID-19

Trinity College sends students home due to coronavirus

ALL undergrads with a UK home must leave college for the Easter vacation

‘Serious consequences’ of coronavirus acknowledged in Vice-Chancellor’s statement

Amid confusion and cancellations, Toope offers an update.

What your Nectar Offers say about you

Haunted by that one time you made chilli con carne? Want to be reminded of your pre-week-5 self?

Cambridge University apologises after covering trees with anti-bird nets

Extinction Rebellion tore down the netting on Thursday night

Clare College finally flies the rainbow flag after students climbed the roof and flew it for them

In a blink-and-you-miss-it episode, the rainbow flag finally flew over Clare College

Review: Dragtime Family Values

Is it worth the hype?

Extinction Rebellion dumps Trinity College soil in Barclays bank

Now that’s what they call a dirty protest!

Kiss and tell: The Jacob Rees-Snogg Off

What better way to protest literal homophobic, sexist trash?

Forget Valentine’s day – enjoy 29 days of queer celebrations with LGBT history month!

There’s a reason behind the rainbow flags all over Cambridge

Dave rows fifteen hundred miles and Dave rows fifteen hundred more!

If at first you catch fire and capsize…try, try, try again!

Explanations or excuses? Working St John’s May Ball

Would you call a lack of a three-course meal exploitation? No, I wouldn’t either

John’s May Ball will work you to the ground and make you pay them for the privilege

Fancy minimum wage? Oh wait, proper payment isn’t even guaranteed…

Wealthy and educated Girtonian classicist suffering from loneliness

Show your mummy some love

Reviewed: the best charity shops in Cambridge

Where to get your thrifting fix.