Emily Murphy

KU closes School of Surveying and Planning… then prepares to blow £30m on building

So long School of Surveying and Planning, hello multi-million quid building

The Kingston student bucket list

Top 22 things to do before you graduate

Is social media making me unsociable?

One Tab writer explains how Facebook is ruining her life

A list of people you meet in the library

Are you The Megaphone, The Fresher or The All-Nighter? Here’s the definitive list of people you meet in the library

The best beer gardens in Kingston

The Tab’s guide to the best places to get a drink and enjoy the momentary sunshine

Tab tries: a bra fitting

Emily Murphy and Elise Tarr were invited to a lingerie appointment at Rigby and Peller

Join The Tab today!

Join Kingston’s best student site today – the only thing we’re serious about is journalism

How to have a sober night out in Kingston

Tips for enjoying a sober night without wanting to go home

POLL: Which KUSU election candidate would win in a fight?

Voting opened today, but what we really want to know is which KUSU election candidate would win in a fight?

New masters course offered in knitwear

A Fashion knitemare

How to ace a graduate application

An idiot’s guide to getting a job

KU offer students cash to get them to complete NSS

Mo’ money, mo’ problems

The biggest dont’s of club promo

Too much promo, not enough care

Julius says sorry

Kingston uni admit they messed up this year.

The Anonymous Cougar: Back to School

Cougar Chaos slammed into 2014 with an original ‘Back to School’ theme.

Get ya Sandbags Out!

Floods, swans and sandbags: Kingston is issued a flood warning

How to forget it’s January

Beat the Christmas comedown with the Tab’s guide to ignoring January

Stop, Thief!

There’s a phone thief on the loose

Rugby Naked Calendar – The Final Try

If there’s ever an excuse to get our gear off we’ll take it!

Hard tackles and furious rucking: the Kingston Uni naked rugby calendar

Presents for the family sorted

KU Hockey Team get festive in Santa Run 2013

KU Hockey crack out the Christmas cheer

They’re at it again: Uni staff go on strike

Kingston uni staff are giving students a lie-in on Tuesday with their second strike in 6 weeks.

It’s official: Oceana-turned-Pryzm is the worst club in Kingston

The debate is over: Oceana is crap

Ten Truths about Media and Cultural Studies Students

If you get any of this, chances are you’ve studied media at some point

KUSU bans sales of The Sun in Page 3 boycott

After banning Blurred Lines, KUSU have got in touch with their inner feminist by boycotting Page 3 newspapers

How To Stay Warm For Free

No one likes the cold, so here’s some tips to stay warm without having British Gas breathing down your neck.

Kingston Is More Rah Than Roehampton

Research shows that Kingston undergrads are mostly from a state school educational background, and are 0.2% more ‘Rah’ than Roehampton undergrads

A Tinder Surprise of Chat up Lines

Tinder is the new social media app that everyone is going crazy for. It’s procrastination and an ego-boost in one memorizing app. Getting a cheeky match or two is rather satisfying even if you don’t want to admit it.

Best first dates in Kingston

Rubbish at dates? Here’s our fool-proof Tab Date Rates

Monday Morning Blues with Eddy Smith

Eddy Smith brightens up The Tab’s day

The Tab meets Charlie Law

Singer songwriter and Kingston graduate Charlie Law meets the Tab to chat student experiences and life on the road

The Anonymous Cougar: Superheroes

In Pictures: Superhero themed night at the SU and Oceana

Oceana: This is your Life

This is your life Oceana, Pryzm has some uncomfortable boots to fill

Living Like Kings

Kingston living costs are among the highest in the UK

The Cheapest Eats in Kingston

The best places to eat in Kingston on a student budget

Best and Worst Kingston Halloween Outfits

Condoms, Clowns and criminal costumes: Halloween ravaged Kingston this year

K.U.N.T: the best sports club name ever?

New bum bags for Kingston’s netballers.

Kingston Uni Staff go on Strike

Kingston uni staff are a bit miffed at the low pay they receive for their hard work

Kingston Plays it Safe

Kingston crime rates are the lowest in London

Female student nails 20 Sambuca shots in under two minutes

Female students downs 20 shots of Sambuca and wins legend status

Piss Patrol: Temporary Urinals Collect Hundreds of Litres of Wee from Kingston Clubbers

A sea of wee hits Kingston’s new pop-up toilets

Tab Survey: Kingston Student Accomodation

Confessions of Kingston Students

The Tab investigated student’s guilty secrets and found some cracking stories!

Kingston Students Studying Habits

The Tab surveyed Kingston students to see how they fare at studying…

Kingston student design to be sold in Topman

Kingston student wows Topman Creative Director with her design in the ‘Wool School’ competition

Top Tab Challenges

The Tab Challenges are set to help all students out during their time at Kingston Unversity

New Module Layouts Cause Havoc For Timetables

Kingston University timetables have gone Pete Tong.

Plans to demolish Little Italy in favour of Student accomodation

Out with the old, in with the Fresher

MA Fashion student designs range inspired by Jedward

A #TeamJedward fan took her “fandom” to the next level by incorporating the twins into her MA fashion collection

Oceana rebrand opens next month as Pryzm

From Prison puns to Pryzm – The Oceana Revamp

Caught on Campus: Kingston’s best dressed students of the week

The best dressed Kingston students, proving Freshers Flu hasn’t affected their sense of style

The Anonymous Cougar

In pictures: New Recruits themed night at the SU and Oceana

Things students are good at

Students will forever dominate the top of the useless task board.

Get over it – ‘Blurred Lines’ is just a song

Are you going to wreck your room after listening to Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’? Thought not. Unban ‘Blurred Lines’ says one Tab writer

KU Feminist Society join the Blurred Lines debate

The ‘Blurred Lines’ saga continues…

Kingston falls 10 places in The Times Good University Guide

The Times University Guide offers a modest profile of Kingston University for 2013.

Freshers Flair: Best dressed fresher

The Tab stalked some freshers to see the fashionable looks on campus this year

Where to? The Tab’s guide to a good night out in Kingston.

Stuck for where to go tonight? Fear not! The Tab will (once again) save the day!

Eat like a King in Kingston : Top five takeaways

The ultimate countdown to the top 5 late night food stops in Kingston

Kingston University: All fur coat and no knickers?

Kingston Student Union ignore their own rules and play ‘Blurred Lines’

13 things to expect from student living

With the new term comes new housing, so here’s The Tab’s survival guide to living with students

New Slang Bans “Blurred Lines”

Kingston indie night bans Thicke’s hit, following in KUSU’s footsteps.

KUSU ban ‘Blurred Lines’

KUSU get up in Robin Thicke’s grill

A-Z of Kingston

All a fresher needs to know about Kingston

We’re better than Roehampton! (Officially)

Kingston gets recognised in the world’s top university ranking