Edith Hancock

Edith Hancock
Sheffield University


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The Definitive List of Bands You Won’t Hate This Weekend

Ready for the weekend but worried your lack of music cool will let you down? We know the feeling. Here’s some bands we liked the sound of who are playing the Steel City this weekend.

Sheffield Student in Miss England Finals

First Amber, now Elle. Sheffield is awash with beauty as fresher Elle makes it to the Miss England finals.

QUIZ: Which uni cafe treat are you?

Triple chocolate cookie or trail mix? Which university-provided snacklet describes YOU?

Coke on campus: Traces of Class A drug found in Octagon toilets

The Tab investigated the drug’s use in some of the most popular nights out at the Union, and this is what we found…

Students “let down” after IC attacks

Two students have come forward after being attacked walking home in the early hours. How safe are we on campus?

South Sea Live, or South Sea Dead?

Property developers have submitted an application to turn the South Sea pub on Broomhill into a set of student flats.

Big Man On Campus in Mr University finals.

The Tab caught up with manly man Charlie McGing as he prepares for the Mr University finals.

(wo)Man v. Food – Greedy Edie and the Smoke BBQ Challenge

The Tab’s own Edith “the digestif” Hancock takes on a burger bigger than her upper body.

ED-E’LLO! Police escort EDL flashmob at Town Hall

The EDL did a flashmob, got drunk and shouted at students, say witnesses

Hallam’s Burning: Firefighters called to Hallam halls blaze

Fire Services were called to Hallam turf at the weekend after flats caught fire

Students warned after break-ins in Crookes, Broomhill and City Campus

Crime is up in student areas in Sheffield

Trending For Truth – University researchers call bullshit on Twitter rumours

Thinking of starting a rumour? Sheffield researchers are onto your trolling

The Friendie – Selfies with International Students take the SU by storm

President Buckle wants to lobby parliament… with a touch of myspace.

She’s Ennispiration: Sheffield’s own is world’s most inspiring person

Sheffield star Jess Ennis and Uni drop-out Eddie Izzard make it to the top 15 of world’s most inspirational people, proving your degree is redundant.

Forward or backward? Forward nightclub closes its doors

A local haunt has been banned from entertaining clubbers in the early hours.

Student sentenced for sexual assault after DQ night out

A Sheffield student is sentenced for sexual assault almost two years after the incident.

Hallam and Crookes Valley Park are notorious gay cruising sites

Hallam-bashing takes on a whole new meaning as the Tab uncovers Sheffield’s most popular cruising spots.

Bless This Mess: Reverend and the Makers front-man plays in Hallam student’s kitchen

Second-year Hallamer Connor was treated to an intimate gig in his own flat after tweeting the band.

Facial Attraction: Pornhub reveals what Sheffield likes to see

Pornhub have released a survey showing who gets their thrills out of what in the UK.

DODGY DEALINGS: Uni of student arrested for dealing ecstacy

A final year student has been sent down for dealing class A drugs

VIDEO: Student proposes at Plug – gets rejected

The student who’s rejected proposal gained internet fame has told reporters it was a “joke”.

The smokie: Smoke alarm selfie in return for free pizza

Fire & Rescue services in Sheffield are striking this weekend, but at least we have pizza.

Students Tape Faces up in protest

Campaigners speak out against repression, which is impressive considering their mouths were taped shut…

BREAKING NEWS: University takes legal action against future protests

After the second occupation this term, the University is taking action to curb any future protests…

Tower of Power: Students denied entry by activists

Students have been unable to finish coursework as the occupation of the Arts Tower continues


We’ll be back – and they stuck to their word. Lecturers roll out of bed to strike for better wages.

Sheffield slam “creepy” ratemash

Sheffield students are “flattered but scared” of the site that takes your photos without consent. The NUS has called for action…

“No Confidence” In Sam Rae

SU petition drafted to impeach Education Officer after protest gaffe

Send In The Clowns

A flock of creepy ghost-clowns have been appearing in the Sheffield area, and may be heading to a street near you.

Welcome to the Styles’ City

1D heart-throb comes to Sheff to see his sister graduate…

Tab Research Reveals Uni Animal Testing Figures

Tab research reveals that over 1 million animals are killed by British universities every year