Davis Miller
Sports Editor

Joel, Theo and Tony to enter NBA Draft

Without hiring agents, all three could return to school next year.

We found out the Tar Heels used to have a different name proving March is madness

Don’t worry, Duke still had the worst nickname

What to expect from the UNC – Butler game this Friday

They’re not quite Virginia slow, but not even close to UNC fast.

Why March is the best month at UNC

We all fill out our brackets with the same end goal

Every thought you’ll have during the UNC vs. Duke basketball game tonight

‘It’s almost time to rush Franklin’

Roy’s won 800 games – let’s give him what he wants

All he’s ever wanted is a great home crowd

Class on athletes’ rights canceled by UNC

‘For reasons that are still mysterious, it has been decided that I will not be allowed to teach this course’

UNC volleyball sweeps ACC awards

They’ve now moved on to the NCAA Regionals

Michael Jordan receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

The former UNC great receives the award for his work in social justice

The ten commandments of Carolina basketball

College basketball is back, and so are the crazy fans, traditions and buzzer-beaters

Get well soon, Theo Pinson

When you come back, Carolina is going to be the team that nobody wants to take on

If UNC basketball players played football

Theo would obviously be the quarterback

Your schedule for UNC Fall Break athletics

If you aren’t going home, go to a game

What your favorite fall sport says about you

UNC happens to be fantastic at all of them

Everything you never knew about Carolina football: As told by Twitter

The team likes Nicholas Sparks and Candy Crush as much as you do

UNC field hockey defeats #1 Syracuse

Malin Evert scored Carolina’s game-winning goal

Women’s volleyball off to fantastic start

The team full of people named ‘Taylor’ is dominating the ACC

Pat McCrory released a new HB2 ad and it’s making people hate him even more

Yes, Gov. McCrory. We are going to talk about this.

We asked Tar Heels to predict the UNC-Georgia game

‘I’m being confident. 103-100, Carolina wins’

UNC vs. Duke: A one-point heartbreak

‘Throw out the records for this one’

Roy Williams is OK to coach next game

He collapsed during a timeout in Tuesday’s game against Boston College

UNC Softball’s Kristen Brown talks about joining the women’s national team

‘I kept looking and refreshing the page until I saw I had an email’

What it’s like taking a five-year-old to her first Carolina basketball game

‘Marcus Paige has my middle name!’

Marcus Paige receives award after breaking school record for most 3-pointers

Previous record-holder Shammond Williams awarded Paige at center court

The best reactions to Marcus Paige’s return

89-81 and Marcus is BACK

Even top athletes can’t compete with the best dancers

‘Dancers create an artful performance of a sport’

Meet the Fever Five: The super fans who attend every game

Since they’re in the top 150, they’ll get tickets to every basketball game

Virginia Tech’s volleyball coach learned why you don’t talk to our student section

And in case you were wondering, of course we won

Our football team is better than our ranking would suggest

There are five schools ahead of us with MORE losses…

UNC cheerleaders Vinny and Carol got engaged at Saturday’s game

It’s impossible to say no in front of a sold-out Kenan

Why homecoming sucks this year

The one time d00k needs to win, they lose

Playing without Paige will make the team better

Paige hit more three-pointers than the rest of the team combined last season

Meet Taylor Wike, First-Team All-ACC softball infielder

‘All I ever wanted to do was play at UNC’

Meet Anthony Bowman, Franklin Street’s dancing hot dog

He’s in the B-school, too

A recap of LNWR that had players and coaches dancing

All you need to know is Coach Williams Hit the Quan