Danielle Fenton
English, Churchill Notoriously mouthy, Danielle couldn’t help but be drawn to The Tab’s offering of a chance to air her views to a wider audience. Her hobbies include singing (Cadenza!) and all things celebrity - which she hopes won’t lower the tone in her role as Deputy Editor.

Celebrities And The High Street

Celebrity designers are doing fashion no favours. In fact, they’re simply encouraging people to buy clothes in order to sell them on again.

Cambridge – Give Us A Break!

There’s no denying that Cambridge is a wonderful experience, but sometimes it would be nice to have time to appreciate it.

X Factor: All Image, No Talent?

This year’s X Factor has seen real talent replaced by average singers, channeling some very odd looks.

Jodie Marsh: An Unlikely Icon

Although a rippling female Hercules might not be the physique you desire, Jodie Marsh’s proud display of her bodybuilding body is a laudable act of feminism.

500 Unpaid Days Of Summer

Unpaid internships offer students the chance to really explore the area of work that they want to enter, without being blinded by a five-figure salary.

Celebrity Recession?

Does the cast of Celebrity Big Brother show the recession has created a new kind of budget celebrity?