Daniella Scozzafava
Daniella Scozzafava
Loughborough Editor at The Tab

Loughborough named world’s best sporting university

No competition really

Three Loughborough University security officers receive RHS awards after saving student

They resuscitated a student who had suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing

‘Killer clowns’ reportedly spotted on Epinal Way in Loughborough

Pack your bags and run for the hills

Tomorrowland DJ to study at Loughborough

He’s even got an award from David Cameron

Tributes paid to beloved Loughborough graduate Daniel Wilkinson

Our thoughts are with his family and friends

Loughborough lizard turns heads when it goes for walkies

Owners take it out regularly

Jessica Ennis-Hill will start her Olympic campaign in Loughborough

She’s defending her title at the Loughborough International on Sunday

Two Loughborough finalists are competing to pitch to Richard Branson

They need your vote

Loughborough is officially one of the top 10 unis in the UK

We beat UCL, York and Nottingham

There’s going to be a ‘Big Burger Giveaway’ at Revs

A hungover dream

Loughborough Uni invention could help prevent terrorist attacks

It could have saved lives in Brussels

Opening date for Cineworld and several new restaurants in Luff revealed

We’re finally getting a Nando’s

Loughborough Uni student dies in tennis stadium in China

He fell down a lift shaft

Loughborough ranked sixth best new uni in the UK

Big up

Papa Si takes cheesy chips off the menu

Let’s drink to forget

Loughborough University subject areas rated among top 50 internationally

Looga does it again

Police officers investigate Loughborough stabbing

The assault took place on Oxford Street

Trains from Loughborough cancelled yesterday after person hit by train

‘It all happened so fast’

Loughborough ranked 41st best uni in the UK

At least we beat DMU

What your LSU drink choice says about you

Bottoms up

Everything that will ever happen to you on the Sprint bus

All aboard the banter bus