Conrad Jarman

Conrad Jarman
Durham University


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Law student outrage over wrong exam paper

Law students rage after they’re given LAST YEAR’s exam paper.

How to talk about your Gap Year

Want to talk about your gap year and not sound like a pretentious prick? CONRAD JARMAN has some advice for you…

Does Dyslexia Exist?

Durham professor argues that the term dyslexia is a “meaningless label sought out by middle-class parents who fear their children being branded stupid or lazy.”

Homophobia Go Home

Last week Durham students pledged to kick discrimination out of sport.

5 hard truths Freshers have to learn

Freshers, listen up. CONRAD JARMAN has 5 things to get into your heads, fast.

Sainsbury’s Is Coming To Town

Supermarket plans to develop the old Burger King on North Road

UKIP in Durham!

A UKIP meeting taking place in Durham this weekend is set to have a great line up.

We’re saved! New Durham Bishop Confirmed

A 57-year-old father of four is to become the 74th Bishop of Durham.

Housemates From Hell!

If you don’t think your housemates fit into these, you’re the one.

9 Dogs That Look Like Students

Tired of being pigeon-holed as a student? Well don’t worry. Here’s a load of hounds who match student stereotypes too.

Vote Now: Best Christmas Film Of All Time

Conrad Jarman gives you the short list of the best films to get you in the festive mood

Where Is The Snow?!

We’ve had hail, we’ve had gale force winds, we’ve had lots of rain, but where is all the snow?

The Best Places to People Watch in Durham

Let’s face it, everyone loves people watching. Whether it’s just to pass the time, to take your mind off that essay you really should be finishing or to simply to watch people hoping for something amusing – everyone does it. We’ve turned it into an art.