Colleen Wuertz

Honest college advice from a graduating senior

After six years of undergrad, you learn a thing or two

Students and faculty allege sexual misconduct by Ohio State academics in anonymous Google form

OSU ranks 18th for the university with the highest number of reported incidents

Ohio State alumni work together to make proper burial possible for Joseph Ramirez

They have made contact with his family to help make arrangements

Judge denies motion to remove death penalty for suspect in Reagan Tokes murder trial

Brian Golsby’s trial will not be delayed

This Bama student celebrated making the College Football Playoff by…bragging about getting rejected from Ohio State?

We’ve finally found the worst Alabama fan

Three’s Above High holding Merry Toosmas auction to raise money for local charities

All proceeds benefit Cause for Canines and Children’s Hunger Alliance

r/OSU wants Family Guy to roast Tom W. Davis clock tower in an episode

One Reddit user penned a proposal to the show’s producers

All fraternity activities suspended by Ohio State for possible student conduct violations

In total 11 chapters have been under investigation this semester

Experiential Insight aims to teach students skills they can apply beyond college

Some skills you can’t learn in a lecture

The Best of OSU Crush: October

Missed connections got a lot spookier this month

There’s a special place in hell for people who ride their bikes on the sidewalk

It’s called a ‘sidewalk’ for a reason

Richard Spencer threatens to sue Ohio State for refusing to let him speak

A previous request from his team was denied last month

Two drunk girls puked in my Uber and I’ve been slapped with a $150 bill

They won’t answer my messages and blocked me on Facebook

Ohio State student charged with rape in Jones Tower dorm room

Devon Prevost was arrested early Sunday morning for forcing himself on a female student

Puerto Rican Student Association collecting donations for Hurricane Maria aid

Proceeds will benefit United for Puerto Rico

How not to look like a total dick during your CABS ride

Absolutely no man spreading allowed

Buckeye Snaps banned for ‘violating community guidelines’ after they exposed a student for cheating

The memes are glorious

Tell us how you tailgate and we’ll tell you if you’ll make it to the game

Go hard or go home

No, Ohio State doesn’t believe only white people can be racist

‘It is not the position of The Ohio State University that only white people can be racist’

Too’s, along with two other Columbus bars, to host fundraiser for family of Heather Campbell

‘When shit gets bad, that’s what Buckeyes do’

Too’s Spirits Under High will celebrate last day with 22 hours of Too’s

Thanks for the memories

These Ohio State legends invented the beer bong-koozie

The Kong is revolutionizing the tailgate game

We don’t need your apology, Baker Mayfield

You know where you can stick that flag?

Over 50 percent of sexual assaults at Ohio State happen in freshman dorms

A quarter happen in and outside campus buildings

Suspect in Reagan Tokes murder to be tried in Columbus, says judge

Court rules the venue won’t change ‘at this time’

This freshman sent her dormmates to Wendy’s when they asked the GroupMe where the party was

‘Half the group was extremely mad’

Too’s Spirits Under High could close by the end of September thanks to High Street renovations

‘We were told if we wanted to stay open, we needed to pony up or it was time to beat the pavement’

Clemson band trolls OSU during halftime show

They formed the score 31-0

Ohio State alum gives Michigan alum a haircut he’ll never forget

The first win of the season

Ohio State student makes racist comment in viral Twitter video

‘You’re hooking up with a black girl, that’s weird’

Plan a night out and we’ll tell you what iconic Ohio State campus celebrity you are

Afroduck is the best tbh

Ohio State USG stands in solidarity against racism in Charlottesville

Over 50 student leaders spoke out

Change of venue requested for Brian Golsby for Reagan Tokes murder trial

His attorney hopes to move the trial to a different county

All the new bars, stores and restaurants coming to Ohio State this year

Get ready for some newbies and some familiar faces

John Kasich speaks out against white nationalists

‘There is no place in America for this violence and viscious hatred’

A detailed timeline of the evolution of Brutus Buckeye

The history of an icon

All the inexpensive things you can do in Ohio this summer that aren’t binge watching Netflix

Help me, I’m poor

I don’t regret dropping out of college because it brought me to Ohio State

Being a dropout doesn’t make you a failure

Guys who definitely watch porn are mad as hell about Ezekiel Elliott’s ESPN cover

Sky’s out thighs out, right?

Literally just the best tweets from people finding out Abigail Wexner is the spring commencement speaker

‘Did OSU buy a commencement speaker or did the commencement speaker buy OSU?’

Prosecutor to seek death penalty for suspect in OSU student Reagan Tokes murder case

Brian Golsby has been connected with six additional robberies in German Village

BREAKING: Officers open fire on stabbing suspect north of Ohio State’s campus

Updates to come

The official guide to having a good time in Columbus over spring break when you’re broke AF

We can’t all escape to the beach for a week

BREAKING: OSU student dies after falling from Ohio Union South Garage

Ohio State student Madison Paul has died

Reagan Tokes’s killer denied bond, charged with rape, kidnapping, robbery and murder

He is a registered sex offender

The Ohio State community’s thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Reagan Tokes

People are showing their support for the friends and family of deceased OSU student

Columbus reacts to Trump’s presidency: An inside look at the rally for the 99 percent

“There has never been a better time to fight back against oppression”

Admit it, the Harambe memes need to die

All good memes must come to an end

The most realistic and ridiculous movies about college

Hollywood either hits the nail on the head or misses the mark

Columbus named one of the most pro-immigrant cities in America

Mayor Andrew Ginther unveils plans to make Columbus a safer place for immigrants

Iconic television characters every woman can look up to

They may be fictional, but we could all learn a thing or two from them

All the thoughts you’ll have as a fifth year senior

Is it time to graduate yet?

Rejoice music lovers, there’s an official anti-Trump playlist

The best way to cope with tough times is always music

Clemson player defends groping an Ohio State player as ‘stuff just to have fun out there’

Where have I heard the phrase ‘locker room talk’ before

Buckeye Alert fails to notify students of shooting death near campus

Ohio State deemed that sending an alert to students wasn’t necessary

Complain about Millennials all you want Gen X, but you raised us

Remember how that saying goes? Children live what they learn

Malik Hooker declares for 2017 NFL draft

With two years of eligibility left, Hooker bids Ohio State farewell

What you choose to study doesn’t determine your intelligence level

Academic elitism doesn’t make you more intelligent than the people you criticize

My love/hate relationship with growing up in Grove City

Sometimes it’s okay, and other times you’re running into an ex in the grocery store dressed in your pajamas

New Year’s resolutions you should make for 2017

This year make a resolution you’ll actually want to keep

Why it’s better to be single over the holidays

Don’t fall for the trap known as cuffing season

Cool things to do in Columbus when you need some alone time

Sometimes the best medicine is taking time to focus on yourself

Open carry march increases anxiety at Ohio State

“Students should not have to worry about who among them may be carrying weapons.”

Congrats ESPN, you’re officially every dumb frat guy ever

11 people were injured in Monday’s attack, but ESPN is more worried about the football team

Man gets trolled on Twitter after joking about OSU attack

This is why you shouldn’t post your email on Twitter

How to avoid arguing with your family this Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again where we give thanks with our families and try not to start a WWE cage match in the process

A country divided: why Donald Trump will never be my president

The president’s duty is to serve the good of the country, not just the good of the people in the country who agree with them

Staying in the high school mindset will ruin your college experience

Face it, you’re not the big man on campus anymore

How to get the most out of your unpaid internship

Sometimes experience is worth more than a paycheck

My chosen career isn’t a joke

When you tell people you want to write for a living you get a lot of mixed reactions

This is why mandatory class attendance needs to go

Every student knows what they can and can’t handle when it comes to missing class

Student needs don’t matter when it comes to the new High Street

Whose interests are the developments near campus serving?

How to own your study abroad experience

Traveling to a different country doesn’t have to be intimidating

Why PJ’s is the most underrated spot on campus

Home of the drunks