Charlotte Colombo
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I decided to ‘glo-up’ for a week to cure my slobbiness

Ladette to lady

What Your Halls Say About You

Home is where the heart is, or where we can make sweeping judgements about you

Jay Z cheating on BEYONCE demonstrates the curse of the ugly fuckboy

“I’m lemonading”

Every single type of student in Hartley library

Because you never really know somebody until you’ve seen them in Sméagol-mode smuggling all the course collections

The fact that Love Island’s Mike ‘couldn’t tell’ the girl was 16 gives a worrying insight into the culture these programmes influence

He might be unequivocally Muggy Mike, but the bouncer who let a teenager into the club takes the biscuit

DJ Jax Jones brings the pardy to 9am lecture

9ams are a little less painful if you’re outdoing the Brazillian dancers on stage

My sober clubbing adventure

Going to Freshers’ events is a rite of passage for all, but who needs alcohol when you have such a fun and engaging personality as I? Right…?

The types of students you’ll meet during Freshers

It’s better to be petty than ketty

You don’t need to live in halls to have fun at uni

There is so much more to uni than living with a bunch of strangers alongside weirdly misty tap water

FestivALL cancelled due to poor ticket sales and ‘personal issues’ concerning one of its chief directors

The one-day festival, whose headliners included Conor Maynard, has been suddenly cancelled by its organisers

Girls wear makeup because we are independent and can do whatever the fuck we want

We didn’t spend all this time contouring just to impress Jack at the kebab shop

So, where the hell did this snap election come from?

A few theories on what the hell our PM was playing at.

Why it’s ok to change degrees a year in

There must be more to this provincial life