Christian Calgie

Hull philosophy department also threatened with closure

Ex-Professor sends mass email asking for support

Hull Languages department faces closure as they consider not taking students next academic year

The university have confirmed it is a ‘possibility’

Breaking: Piper to stay open, but close one hour earlier

Piper will appeal the decision – their message is “business as usual”

Protestors confront Chancellor and Vice Chancellor during trans rights protest

The Chancellor defended the university’s decision

Hull to reconsider naming lecture theatre after BBC presenter who said trans women aren’t ‘real women’

Students are protesting as she comes to the uni tonight

Hull lecturer apologises for using the ‘n-word’ during lecture

One student said: “It is too early for Rafi to use the n-word bloody hell”

Hull War Studies Society erect remembrance memorial

They were inspired by lack of students wearing poppies last year

HUU launches poll asking students how to spend lecturer strike wages

One student lobbies for all the money to go towards a regional donkey sanctuary…

Here’s the nearest university that ranks lower than Hull

And god they’re shite…

The eyes on the campus statues have gone: Hull mourns the loss

Odds on putting them on again

Jacob Rees-Mogg calls Hull students ‘eccentric’

He has the ‘softest hands in the world’

Exclusive: Hull Riding Club throw chav social with their ‘best chavverzzzz outfits’

The club dressed up in Adidas, snapbacks, and big hoop earrings

Here are the cringiest posts from Hull Freshers’ pages

‘Can you add me to the group chat???’

We want YOU to write for The Hull Tab

The Tab Hull is back with a bang and we need you

Hull University ‘Yes to NUS’ sign graffitied within hours of being put up

It was removed after 15 minutes