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Last minute costumes for a very Buffs Halloween

Sko spooky Buffs

BREAKING: Shots fired on The Hill late Saturday night near Lincoln and Pennsylvania

The scene has been cleared

This summer A CU Boulder student threatened people at a party with an AK-47, now he’s facing felony charges

His LinkedIn says he’s a junior at CU

CU Boulder ranked in top 50 for best public universities in America

Honestly, we deserve better

Meet the CU students taking over the EDM scene and opening for Vanic at Welcomefest

We knew MTNMEN before they were uber famous

Meet the up-and-coming Boulder artists killing the music scene with groovy tunes

Catch them on Coachella’s main stage in a couple years

Suspended CU football player Anthony Julmisse was arrested…again

He was charged with robbery and trespassing

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Don’t sweat it, we’ll help you blend in with the upperclassmen Buffs

The prime places in Boulder to watch the solar eclipse on Monday

Tab tip: the bookstore is selling viewing glasses

Austin Wilkerson, former CU student guilty of rape, released from prison a year early

He served 367 days of a 730 day sentence

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Where the cool kids go for news

UPDATED: Human remains found at Gross Reservoir identified as Ryder Johnson

Johnson has been missing since January 2016

CU is one of the top colleges that dominates both academically and athletically, says Forbes

Can’t stop the grind

CU Welcomefest 2017 lineup has been announced and the headliners are sick

CU’s Program Council is stepping up its game

CU Boulder ranked seventh best party school in the country

Sincerest apologies to the parents of incoming freshmen who might be reading this

CU football player Anthony Julmisse suspended indefinitely after arrest for domestic violence altercation

He was favored to start as cornerback this season

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Go hard or transfer to CSU

All the best tweets that prove Boulder is hands down the weirdest place in the entire world

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The seven new storefronts to check out in Boulder

RIP bank account

Boulder’s Insta-famous students shared all of their best tips for killing the Insta game

How to maintain your ~aesthetic~

We talked to the Insta-famous Boulder babes with major social media followings

Here’s how they did it and whether they think the fame is worth it

Butts of Boulder: The Instagram account you need to go follow right now

Wanna hike Sugarbutt Mountain this weekend?

Literally just all of the best memes about CU

Who even knew we had a memes page?

‘Every guy in the house has ED’: We need to talk about the frat ratings on GreekRank

‘Don’t read GreekRank,’ they said

BOVA’S is officially delivering through HungryBuffs

The freshman 15 just got a lot harder to avoid

CU-Boulder is the #1 school for America for taking study drugs during finals

Buffs are more than just stoners, apparently

Boulder is one of the top 10 places to live in America, says Niche

Statistically proven to be one of the best places to live in the country, is anyone even surprised?

Every stage of drunkenness you experienced on Saint Paddy’s Day

How long did you last on the Hill this year?

Sunshine Canyon Fire Burns Over 62 Acres in East Boulder

When a fire starts to burn, Boulder is smokier than usual, and not in a good way

Buffs for Reproductive Justice: Meet the group fighting to protect reproductive rights

You’ve seen it in the news, heard it from the Planned Parenthood volunteers by The Hill underpass, and now it’s time to get involved

X-Games fashion inspo for every Buff trying to look hot in the cold

‘Where’d you buy your glitter? It’s adorable!’ – every girl at The Chainsmokers concert

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We found out if CU is actually liberal, or secretly supporting Trump

The results are finally in

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The best of CU’s Halloween costumes

Everyone from Harley Quinn to Guy Fieri partied on The Hill this Halloweekend

Insomnia is giving out free cookies on Monday

What’s better than free cookies on The Hill? Nothing

The best tweets from CU students about the first presidential debate

The greatest highlight reel you’ll find for the first debate

Everything you missed at the 20 Minutes of Action Protest

Hoping our silence will allow us to be heard

Why you need to join the 20 Minutes of Action Protest at the UMC today

How many more sexual assault alerts before we take a stand?

Campus’ hidden gem: The Shakespeare Garden

It’s as close to Eden as you can get at CU