Brianna McGarry

The amount of calories in all your favorite drunk food

DISCLAIMER: You’ll never be able to un-see this

Former Mizzou student sues Kappa Alpha fraternity for alleged hazing incident

He had a blood alcohol level of 0.41

Everyone who’s ever told you that your school doesn’t have sorority houses because ‘they’re legally a brothel in this state’ is a damn LIAR

Debunking an urban legend that dates back half a century

Research says Penn is the most in-demand Ivy among graduate recruiters

Someone give me a college transfer form

Boston is the second most popular city for sugar babies

The average monthly allowance is over $4k

Women are more addicted to their phones than men, says totally unsurprising research

From now on I’m using this as an excuse for why he won’t text back

These are the most addictive features on your smart phone, according to research

It’s not what you think it is

Cell phones are the biggest non-drug addiction for college students, says study

If being addicted to your phone is wrong then I don’t want to be right

If you want to be successful after graduation you should pick your major early and stick with it, according to survey

K, but what if I changed my major five times already?

SHOCK: Soulless business school grads making shit tons of money are happier with their salary than anyone else

Maybe I should change my major

Boston implements Anti-Islamophobia campaign

50 Anti-Islamophobia Posters have been scattered around the city

Literally every snapchat you see BU students take over the summer

Am I guilty of making all these snapchats? 100%

The ultimate job application drinking game that will get you both a buzz and Benjamins

Because nobody’s ready to be a real person yet

President Brown is the highest-paid college president in Massachusetts and I can’t even afford a quesadilla from the GSU

Here’s everything he could buy with his over $1 million salary

Just a bunch of memes you’ll find funny if you go to BU

So basically the entire memes page

Meet Ken Mackin: The Questrom student taking over BU real estate

When you hear ‘Ken Mackin,’ I hope you think real estate

An honest guide to housing at BU

Yes, Warren Towers IS that bad

Famous people you can call a fellow terrier

BU has cranked out some real winners

What you’ll need for college

Bed Bath & Beyond’s In-Store Pick Up will save your life

We asked students what they wish they knew before going to college and this is what they said

“You might crack your chin open and have to get seven stitches at one point or another but it’s going to be ok!”

I spent 24 hours at Mugar and this is what happened

And I did it without coffee

Did you actually watch the marathon on Monday?

‘If watching people run from the cops counts, then yes’

BREAKING: Floors in Rich evacuate due to a mattress fire

Students tried to put the flames out with water bottles before the fire department showed up

Every step you’ll go through when registering for classes

May the odds be ever in your favor

What alcohol each BU college binge drinks

But maybe not since Q-Mart got raided

The dangers of the winter Allston crawl

Winter is coming

How to survive sorority recruitment this year

Because we’re all freaking out a little bit

Why Valentine’s Day is the most overrated holiday

I promise I’m not writing this just because I’m single and sad. Well, maybe I am

The honest college tour you wish you got

When I ask you about the social scene, you know I’m not just asking about all the clubs I can join.

Every unfortunate moment you’ll experience within the first week of classes

Someone reteach me how to do college

Every New Year’s resolution you won’t keep in 2017

It may be a new year, but trust me, you’re probably just as lazy and unproductive as before

What you will not miss about BU this break

Get me out of this grade deflated hell hole

The seven stages of grief: Finals edition

Let the worst week of our lives begin

How to SLEIGH this holiday season

Are you studying? Listen to holiday music. Are you walking to class? Listen to holiday music.

Why going home for the first time is the best

Mom, I promise I miss you, but I think I miss my bed more

The struggle is real: staying fit and eating healthy in college

Screw it, let’s get T. Anthony’s

A word of advice from my first college Halloween experience

Oh great, another Harley Quinn costume

Warren Towers isn’t actually that bad

Is West really best?

All the mistakes you’ll inevitably make freshman year at BU

It’s only been a month and I’ve done all of these

New Hope, Pennsylvania may be small but it’s definitely mighty

Ummm, where?