Bridget Pfirman
Bridget Pfirman is a senior majoring in Digital and Print Journalism at Penn State. She enjoys writing about pop culture and student life around the campus.

The secrets of being a campus Snapchat celebrity

Snapping is an art, but the best advice is to be yourself

Penn State bars will be open til 4am for an all-night party

This will be a party you won’t forget

Petition started to ban animals performances after elephant was brought to the Hub lawn for entertainment

‘She was poked and pulled with sharp bullhooks to move her closer to spectators’

Alt-right group posts ‘Let’s Become Great Again’ and other pro-white fliers across PSU campus

#ProjectSiege is taking over college campuses across the U.S.

Classes are cancelled and in other news Penn State students literally don’t know how to react

What’s a snow day?

A timeline of everything that actually happened this State Patty’s Day weekend

Nothing like car bombs, green beer and poop on a man’s car to celebrate Penn State’s favorite holiday

DMAIG Mosaic commemorates THON’s journey and captures its legacy

The DMAIG mosaic includes pictures from every year of THON

Penn State women ranked the fourth most attractive college girls in the nation

We’re assuming the research wasn’t based off how we look for hungover brunch

VIDEO: Penn State student charged with terroristic threats during ‘peaceful’ protest downtown caused uproar for not being read her rights

‘This is not procedure, this is not correct’

A tribute to Tim: Fraternity brother and loyal friend who will be missed by the Penn State community

‘He was the kind of person everyone strives to be like’

Penn State sophomore dies from fall at Beta Theta Pi

State College police are still investigating the case

UPUA unanimously votes to accommodate international students during breaks after immigration ban

‘If you can’t stand up for international students you can’t stand up for any of us’

Movin’ On will now allow Commonwealth campus students to compete in Battle of The Bands

The opener spot is up for grabs

The Tab Penn State is looking for new writers

You know you want to

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow at Café last night

He was a little early for 55 Days

How to have a lit Sylly Week at the bars without going broke

Happy hour is bae

All the secrets to streamlining your insane internship search process

Because there’s got to be a method to the job search madness, right?

What we actually wanted to see in Penn State’s holiday greeting video

Where was the lion for starters?

Saquon Barkley wins Chicago Tribune Silver Football

What were you doing your sophomore year?

We spoke to students who pushed for write-ins and third parties

Did these students cast the perfect protest votes? Or are they to blame for Trump?

Penn Staters tell us why voting in this election was so important

Although it’s a bit too late at this point

Ryn Weaver takes the stage at SPA LateNight

Of course she ended with Octohate

What it’s really like working at the bars Halloweekend

Nothing like serving car bombs to Harley Quinn

Penn State ranked second most haunted college campus in the nation

And you thought the clowns were scary

Ryn Weaver is coming to PSU on November 4

From Lollapalooza to Alumni Hall

Everything that happened when Tim Kaine came to Penn State

He spoke for equality and a stronger America

Pinchot Hall freshman hangs roommate’s subtweets in their dorm

The subsequent tweet and fight went viral

Jill Stein opens the platform for third party candidates at her talk on campus

Heritage Hall got some refreshing political encouragement

What to expect at your first Penn State tailgate


Penn State professor found in quarry may have been alive after fall

Details have emerged that Professor Bettig may have been alive for up to two days

We asked Penn State experts how to protect yourself from sexual assault

There were 12 reported rapes in 2014

I tried #Fatspo, the answer to Instagram’s toxic #Fitspo

I want to eat dirty

Watch PSU football players freak out over their new dressing room

New $12 million renovations create new atmosphere for players

I tried the ‘Barbie Drag’ look so you don’t have to

Just a Barbie queen in a drag world

Why you shouldn’t chose a political party

There are more than two types of views

What did Bernie Sanders’ campaign mean to you?

‘Bernie seemed to be the most genuine candidate’

Making college more affordable is the first step to helping our job market and economy

The fees are too damn high

#Trumpgirls show that not every woman supports Hillary

They dgaf

Bernie’s student supporters react to Hillary securing the nomination

‘I feel part of it has to do with how they declared Hillary the winner the day before’

Meet America’s first time voters

‘I feel great about having a say in how this country is run’

PSU ranked #5 friendliest fans in college football

And was ranked one of the top cities for football fans in the nation

Students respond to Shapiro protests

Wednesday night’s lecture got heated

PSU FitBit culture: How many steps do we actually take?

This campus is so huge, we’ve got to be setting some sort of record

So this is your first THON?

Everything you’ll need to survive the stands

Here are 46 things to do while you’re standing in line at THON

Try to stay warm is a given

I took a final for a class I’m not in

It didn’t go well

What do Penn Staters associate with your name?

Because everyone knows Steves are psychos

Students unite for candelight vigil at Old Main

‘Together we are Penn State, we are Paris, we are Beirut…we are the true representation of humanity’

Does anyone even use Penn State’s late night safety services?

Between 150 and 175 people use the walking service a year…who are they?

Penn Staters weigh in on this whole red cup fiasco

Are Starbucks starting a violent war on Christmas or did they just decide on red cups this year…

Students respond to canning canellation

What will be the future of THON fundraising?

How hard is it to work your way through college?

College is meant to further education and help students get jobs, but at what cost?

Scary, sexy or funny: What’s the best type of costume?

And not so surprisingly almost every guy recommended sexy

These were the best Penn State homecoming floats

And the ‘fruit’ theme wasn’t terrible

The future of THON fundraising

THON held an open forum last night to discuss changes to fundraising to promote safety

New student organization works to stop sexual assault on campus

Open the Box aims to spread awareness about sexual assault on campus and help women who have been victimized