Boris Litvin

A woman was groped on the 6 and followed to class. Could it have been stopped?

Something has to change

Palooza: the shared playlist service co-created by a Hunter senior

Finally we can stop fighting over the aux-cord

Meet Lucy Snyder, president of A Hunter Alliance

‘We really want the students to hold us accountable for what we do’

2016-2017 USG Elections: A Hunter Alliance

‘You and Me for HC’

Brighton Beach, New York, is a pretty great place to grow up

It’s weird, but it’s ours

Hunter is the best school in America

Now hear me out

Bill Cosby’s honorary degree from John Jay has just been revoked

Amid students disrupting the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting right now, the budget request was approved and Cosby’s John Jay honorary was revoked

Million Student March protest happening at Hunter right now

NYC students assemble to protest tuition hikes, call for cancellation of student debt, and $15 minimum wage for campus workers, amongst multiple issues.

Waiting in line for Shia LaBeouf

‘He never talks. The crowd is great. They’re there to watch the movie too’

Where is the best pizzeria in NYC?

Because everyone loves pizza

Over 50 arrested after CUNY protest

The CUNY professors union was prepared for this to happen

ArtCycled: Making B2 beautiful by reusing

‘Hunter goes green’

BREAKING: There’s a #RiseUpOctober march happening right now

It’s heading down Sixth Ave

What’s the best place to grab a bite around Hunter?

Because everyone loves food

A Hunter grad’s starting salary is $11,000 above the national average

Spare a dime, brother?

Meet Zod

Who is he and why did he help the freshman class so much?