Ben Blyth

The Life Doctor

BEN BLYTH gets off on technicality. The first review from a publication not thanked in the programme.

Cherry & Blossom: A Night at the Movies

Kenneth Tynan said “The Western critic… still finds it very hard to go into print and say: ‘I recommend you to go and see this because it gave me an erection.'” BEN BLYTH has reviewed Cherry & Blossom.

The Alchemist

BEN BLYTH finds a production that betters the play, and tells Cambridge theatre to up its game. Ian McKellen does not comment.

Much Ado About Nothing

BEN BLYTH highly recommends a mixed but ‘well-rehearsed, well executed, and well directed piece of student theatre’. There is also a bit about youporn.

Review: Loving Leticia

BEN BLYTH has to conclude that despite this show’s merits, ‘charm only goes so far’.

Review: Twelfth Night

BEN BLYTH thinks ‘We don’t have to look far to find the seeds of a more hopeful theatrical future’.

Review: Medea

BEN BLYTH is pleasantly surprised by ‘the very worst first night any director could have envisioned’.

Review: The Relapse

BEN BLYTH recommends the brand new Howard Theatre’s first play.

Review: Smoker

BEN BLYTH feels reviewing a mediocre sell-out Smoker is a futile undertaking.

Review: Yo My Man

BEN BLYTH was bored to the point of anger. He urges you not to read this review. Click if you must though.

Review: Clockwork

Clockwork, 12th – 16th January at the ADC Theatre. BEN BLYTH is impressed by this inventive show.

Review: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

BEN MIDDLETON is impressed by the level stage but very little else in this under-rehearsed production.

Review: Twelfth Night

Who cares about textual sense when you’re having this much fun?