Bayan Parvizi

Parvizi Watches: The Infidel

BAYAN PARVIZI: ‘if you are tired of sitting in the library, constant checking Facebook updates where you see that X has “just discovered that the Med-exams are online!! Yippee!”… The Infidel provides good respite.’

Review: Election Debate

Missed last night’s debate? Here’s what BAYAN PARVIZI has to say.

Cast Your Vote: General Election 2010

Don’t be apathetic: BAYAN PARVIZI with a brief note on the upcoming election.

Parvizi Watches: Undercover Princesses

‘Cue three women from three politically redundant royal houses: from Uganda Princess Sheillah, India Princess Aaliya, who bears no resemblance to the deceased hip-hop stunner and from the political powerhouse of Saxony Princess Xenia.’

Where Do You Date…?

BAYAN PARVIZI reviews the best places to take someone way out of your league.

Parvizi Swaps: Pembroke vs. Newnham

Our resident food critic avoids being labelled a paedo during a relatively civillised evening of intergenerational swapping.

Parvizi Eats: The Mahal

BAYAN PARVIZI joins the rest of the Tab team for a quiet meal at the epicentre of neocolonial fuckwittery.

Parvizi Watches: Take Me Out

BAYAN PARVIZI falls head over heels for this spiritual successor to Blind Date.

Parvizi Listens: Whitest Boy Alive

Our resident food critic waxes lyrical over his new favourite electrindie discovery.

Food Review: The Punter

PARVIZI EATS continues with a visit to The Punter, the now famous site of David Starkey defecating.

Review: Midsummer House

PARVIZI EATS goes upmarket this week. No seriously, really fucking upmarket.

Food Review: The Red Bull

BAYAN PARVIZI gets away from it all at the Red Bull in Newnham Village.

Food Review: Uncle Franks

Culinary ingenuity is undermined by disappointing fries.