Basil Francis

The Dictator

BASIL FRANCIS thinks with such a wide range of outrageous entertainment, The Dictator has the ability to generate huge laughs all the way through

American Pie: Reunion

BASIL FRANCIS begs you not to judge him. It may not be art, but the latest instalment is classic American Pie.

Footlights Smoker

Sins are committed both on- and off-stage for BASIL FRANCIS this week.

Matt and Marc’s Shot in the Dark

BASIL FRANCIS is left in the dark by this novelty smoker.


If you put the word paedophile in this box, will people click on it? BASIL FRANCIS is going to find out.

Footlights Smoker

BASIL FRANCIS finds both disappointment and delight at this fortnight’s smoker.

Footlights Smoker

BASIL FRANCIS is not all that impressed by this week’s sweet-and-sour comedy.