Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certification Programs for 2021
  Believe it or not, Artificial Intelligence is gradually penetrating every industrial sector and is about to change the way humans perceive things. It is one of the key technologies that has promoted the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Virtual assistants, driverless cars, powerful drones, smartphones with facial recognition features didn’t come out of the blue. These fascinating applications are the result of the continuous efforts of highly skilled Artificial Intelligence or AI Engineers. Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM are investing heavily in their AI to harness its true potential and rule the market.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Artificial Intelligence is all about making machines capable of mimicking human intelligence, think like humans, and perform manual actions. It is an interdisciplinary science that focuses on building smart machines that can simulate intelligent behavior and solve various cognitive problems. Machine learning, a popular subset of AI, has led to the development of powerful algorithms that can ‘learn’ from data and produce desired outcomes without being explicitly programmed. Both AI and machine learning have got so much traction in recent years that professionals have started considering a career in it. They are taking ML and AI courses online to build a strong foundation in this domain and improve their career prospects.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ A difficulty that professionals often face is finding a reputed AI course that is worth their time and effort. Many of them include irrelevant information and do not cover the skills that employers actually seek. So, in this article, we have listed some of the best AI ML courses you can take in 2021 and join the scarce AI talent.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ So, let’s dive in!  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning (AI ML Courses) ________________________________________________________________________________________ Training platform - Simplilearn  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you want to enroll in a course that has the benefits of both academic programs and industry-oriented training? This AI ML program by Simplilearn offers just that - the course is designed in partnership with Purdue University and in collaboration with well-known software company IBM. With a Bootcamp learning model, this one-year program helps you learn some important concepts like machine learning, deep learning, statistics, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The program involves more than 200 hours of live instructor-led sessions by industry experts. Enroll here!  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Reasons to take this course: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Exclusive hackathons and Ask me Anything sessions by IBM ________________________________________________________________________________________ Capstone from 3 domains and 25+ Projects with Industry datasets from Twitter, Wikipedia, Zomato, etc. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Master Classes delivered by Purdue faculty and IBM experts ________________________________________________________________________________________ Become entitled to membership in the Purdue University Alumni Association ________________________________________________________________________________________ Access to IBM Cloud Lite account ________________________________________________________________________________________ IIMJobs Pro Membership for 6 months, including resume assistance and career mentoring  ________________________________________________________________________________________ IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate ________________________________________________________________________________________ Training Platform - Coursera  ________________________________________________________________________________________ This course is designed for professionals willing to kickstart their career in AI by learning Python and exploring machine learning and computer vision. You will learn how to create AI chatbots and virtual assistants without any programming language and deploy them on your website. It will also help you build AI-powered solutions using IBM Watson AI services, APIs, and Python with minimum coding. This professional certificate involves a number of hands-on learning projects to enhance your understanding of AI concepts and tools. By spending 3 hours per week, you can complete the course in seven months.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Reasons to take this course: ________________________________________________________________________________________ You'll receive a digital badge from IBM recognizing your proficiency in applied AI. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Apply your skills with hands-on projects and build a portfolio that showcases your job readiness to potential employers. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Top instructors from IBM ________________________________________________________________________________________ Graded quizzes and assignments ________________________________________________________________________________________ Shareable Certificate upon completion  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Program ________________________________________________________________________________________ Training Platform - Udacity  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Master the crucial AI concepts from industry experts like Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig with this comprehensive training program. You will learn how to write AI programs using the algorithms powering everything from NASA’s Mars Rover to DeepMind’s AlphaGo Zero. Further, you will learn about constraint satisfaction problems, adversarial search, and fundamentals of probabilistic graphical models. It will take you three months to complete the training if you spend 12 to 15 hours per week. You need to have a prior understanding of calculus, algebra, statistics, and Python before taking this course.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Reasons to take this course: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Get access to real-world projects and in-depth content designed in partnership with top companies. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Get a custom learning path that is tailored to fit your busy schedule ________________________________________________________________________________________ Project feedback from experienced reviewers ________________________________________________________________________________________ GitHub portfolio review and LinkedIn profile optimization ________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional suggested resources to improve your learning  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Artificial Intelligence Course by Columbia University ________________________________________________________________________________________ Training platform - edX  ________________________________________________________________________________________ This in-depth AI training by Columbia University helps you learn AI fundamentals and design intelligent agents to solve real-world problems. The program covers the history of AI, state-space problem representations, uninformed and heuristic search, logical agents, game playing, and constraint satisfaction problems. Additionally, you’ll learn about It is a 12-week program that requires you to spend 8 to 10 study hours per week. Prior understanding of Python programming, linear algebra, calculus, and basic probability theory is necessary to take the course.    ________________________________________________________________________________________ Reasons to take this course: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Top instructors from Columbia University ________________________________________________________________________________________ Receive an instructor-signed certificate with the institute’s logo to demonstrate your achievement ________________________________________________________________________________________ Certificate sharable on LinkedIn