Ashlee MacDonald
Editor of The Tab UVA

UVA ranked 3rd best public school in America

And 25th overall

A third of all sexual assaults at UVA are reported in first year dorms, according to a new map

19 percent happen in off-grounds housing

Otto Warmbier dies days after returning home from North Korea detainment

Monday at 2:20 he passed away, surrounded by family

UVA Phi Psi to receive $1.65m settlement from ‘A Rape on Campus’

The fraternity will be donating part of the proceeds to sexual assault awareness education

We asked UVA whether you really get free tuition if you get hit by a UTS bus

Putting the myth to the test

Everything that will happen in tonight’s game against Tech

It’s on, kids.

Austin Nichols dismissed from the basketball team

He was already suspended earlier this season

VOTE NOW: Who has the best drunk food at UVA?

It’s never too early to think about it

Coming to terms with the next four years

Trying to rationalize what happened on Tuesday night

We spoke to one of UVA’s only Trump supporters

‘I’ve been scared on grounds for being a Trump supporter’

New food truck on grounds

Southern style BBQ within walking distance of dorms

When your ‘easy A’ class ends up wrecking your GPA

Apparently there is no such thing here

Charlottesville ranks fourth best city in US for entrepreneurship

Excuse to never leave?

We spoke to the Filmmaker’s Society about the production of their new film

The CIO overcame inexperience and tragedy to make ‘Monotone!’, the longest-running film in club history

Uber will deliver FREE Insomnia Cookies Tuesday night


We spoke to the second year who has a single available on iTunes today

Most of Rachel Braig’s friends at UVA didn’t even know she wrote music

Peer-taught classes will be available this Fall

‘Students at my school are smart. They should teach.’ -Thomas Jefferson, probably

The best signs from UVA College GameDay vs. UNC

You made ’em, we’ll show ’em

The White House dessert parties are the best parties on Grounds

Still coming down from the sugar high

Spring semester resolutions

We’re not calling them ‘New Years’ resolutions because these are actually going to come true

The most productive ways to procrastinate

Taking a break from studying doesn’t have to be a waste of time

I miss home cooking already

Thanksgiving was only a few days ago yet the mashed potatoes still haunt my dreams

Black Friday is a scary thing

But that didn’t stop me

What are you thankful for?

Hoos reflect on what they appreciate this Thanksgiving season

Netflix site facing technical difficulties

College students everywhere experiencing existential crises

We made Wahoo babies

If you thought Hauntings on the Hill was scary, wait until you take a look at this

What just happened to our Sabre points?

Hoo Crew no longer in control of ticket distribution

What’s the best way to spend your study breaks?

Besides reading The Tab, of course

This UVA second year wants to help you make sweet music

Learning guitar is now easier than Guitar Hero

What do you think of the new frat rules? We asked around grounds

‘I wasn’t on a list so I went home’