Annabel Lim

May Ball Style: Hairbands

It’s time to start thinking about May Ball accessories. Here are the best hairbands, from glitter to grecian.

Tab Team Style

Editors of your favourite “controversial student newspaper” make some controversial fashion choices in Week 8

Fashion Frenzy

Shoppers go CRAZY over the launch of Sonia Rykiel’s H&M collection…

Tab Team Style

With another installment of Tab Team style, we have a look at that Cambridge micro-trend *farmer chic* and see if it is more McQueen than MacDonald.

London Fashion Week: Catwalk Reports

London Fashion Week is over. Here’s what the Tab thought.

Tab Team Style

The second installment of *Tab Team Style* – it’s Jasmin and Lottie!

RIP Alexander McQueen

RIP Alexander McQueen

For/Against: Making an Effort for Lectures

We go head to head on that vital style issue: should you make an effort for lectures?

What to wear… in the rain

Clothes aren’t JUST about trends, fashion or fun… Do you know what to wear in the rain?

ASOS Sale: Menswear, Knitwear

BOYS, it’s time to shop! Best knitwear picks from ASOS Men’s Sale…

Prada Pigtails

We’re loving these Prada pigtails and think they could look good on you too…

It Girl, It Bag

Top Trends for NYE

Let It Snow

Paris <3 Christmas Trees

Lacoste Bundle Boots

12 of the Best: Men’s Scarves

Gossip Girl Style XOXO

Six of the Best: Bangles

Barbie + Louboutin = Pink

Lily Allen + Chanel = Disappointing

Day to Night: Java Shift Dress