Allison Jensen

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Bring on the shakes

UW-Madison student arrested after attacking a bouncer at a downtown Madison bar

Haanstad is a UW-Madison senior

UW-Madison joins Big Ten Voting Challenge

The Big Ten knows that competition brings out the best in its students

Former UW-Madison student, Alec Shiva, sentenced to 18 months in prison for sexual assault

He will face 18 months in jail and three years of probation

An 11th person comes forward in former UW-Madison student, Alec Cook’s, sexual assault case

Cook is already facing 21 criminal charges

All the reasons why Badger basketball is better than football

Two words: March Madness

Why does every single girl at UW-Madison dress exactly the same?

It’s a requirement to wear Adidas shoes and chokers

We asked UW-Madison if you get hit by a bus if they will pay for tuition

Because at this point I’m willing to jump

The number of UW-Madison students affected by Trump’s ban has increased

115 students and staff are impacted by the ban, up from UW’s initial estimate of 72

The most annoying Snapchat stories

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“Twitter is the real winner of this election”

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There’s no better way to celebrate friendship than eating a shit ton of food

UW Madison hosts ‘safe space’ after controversial costume display

How we should deal with the outrage caused by this racist display

RED Talk: UW grad Anders Holm speaks at UW-Madison

The co-creator and star of “Workaholics” recaps his journey from being a Badger to writing and acting for Comedy Central

UW needs to ban trigger warnings and safe spaces

We’re not going to ‘play it safe’ for controversial topics

My sibling doesn’t identify with gender pronouns

And I love them no matter what

The Badgers’ track record proves they can beat Michigan

Wolverines, be scared.

Why Sellery is the best dorm at UW-Madison

Good old Sellery, No, not the vegetable, the iconic dorm of the University of Wisconsin-Madison