Alex Hem
Senior Tab reporter
Harvard '19

Meet Harvard’s Class of 2021: CĂ©line Hem

She’s also my cousin

Ryan Reynolds is the Hasty Pudding Man of The Year

What a hunk

Harvard’s lack of respect to the workers who make the university run is disgraceful

Hypocrisy at the world’s richest university

Meet the students staying at Harvard over the summer

‘It’s such an unforgettable experience’

Harvard Business School evacuated due to bomb threat

More to follow

EXCLUSIVE: Malia Obama pictured in Harvard t-shirt

See you in the fall

Carrie Fisher honored with Lifetime Achievement award

The ceremony included Storm Troopers and a Wookie

Steve Aoki to headline Yardfest

Next Sunday April 24

Harvard Law occupation says they found another device recording them

Police are investigating

Surveillance device allegedly found recording Harvard Law School occupation

‘We think that this was an intentional effort to surveil our movement’

Rashida Jones to speak at Class Day

The Parks and Rec star is coming on May 25th

Harvard study says the key to happiness isn’t fame or fortune

It’s actually the strength of your relationships with friends and family

Body found in Charles River

State Police are on the scene

Number of confirmed mumps cases rises to NINE

‘We all have a responsibility to help prevent the spread of the virus’

Who has the best Housing Day video?

There’s no place I’d Mather Be

Lucy Liu honored at Harvard

Remember her?

Conan O’Brien is speaking at Sanders Theatre tomorrow

It’s not too late for #stat104conan

Harvard grad killed in NYC crane collapse

He was ‘the most brilliant person ever’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is on Harvard Square

We love you

Harvard professor starts viral campaign to bring Conan O’Brien to Stats class

It’s called #stat104conan

Harvard seniors have created the new Yik Yak

You can only join if you have a college email address

Harvard has one of the strongest alumni networks in America

What is Stanford doing ahead of us

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is The Hasty Pudding’s Man of The Year

What a star

Be kinder if you want to get into Harvard, says new report

Focus more on ‘concern for others and the common good’

Kerry Washington is the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year

The star of Scandal is coming this month

Meet Harvard’s Class of 2020

‘Crying was the only way I knew how to respond’

What’s going down at Primal Scream tonight

We have many traditions and one of them is streaking around the Yard before finals

The best from Cornell Admissions’ Reddit AMA

They’re barely an Ivy anyway