Ailsa Cameron

Ailsa Cameron
Bristol University


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Manhatin’ and Consensual Sex on the Beach: Feminist Cocktails Revealed

Oxford uni feminists concoct brilliant gender equality cocktail list, including Bloody Mary Wollstonecroft and Virgin-ia Woolf

It’s official: PRYZM is Bristol’s Worst Night Out

PRYZM destroys rivals to clinch title of Worst Night Out in Bristol.

Halloween Horror: human pile-up outside Pryzm

Students furious after huge crush outside the club “ruins” Halloween

Student Council bans Blurred Lines

Songs with “lyrics that reinforce rape culture” to be replaced with instrumental or parody versions in Union buildings

Screaming bloody murder: students protest at careers event

Students stage dramatic mass slaughter in protest against BAE Systems

Union to consider Blurred Lines ban

UBU may be next in line to ban Blurred Lines from Union buildings


Students demand refunds after night of queuing and expensive drinks

Bristol Nosedives in Uni Rankings

Bristol behind Kent, Surrey and Lancaster in Guardian University Rankings

Students Rinsed For Rent

Bristol students pay the most in rent out of all Russell Group universities

EDL March Planned For Bristol

EDL plan ‘silent march’ to lay wreaths for Lee Rigby. At the moment, only 14 people plan to show up.

Goldney Ball On Brink Of Cancellation

UPDATE: Goldney Ball officially cancelled


Students forced to sweat it out in scorching conditions as staff baffled by air con system

Recommended By Russell

Bristol band Tidy Street talk celebrity endorsements, Justin Bieber and the Bristol music scene.


Epigram editorial claims paper was censored by university staff

Tab reviews porn: Tomb Raider XXX

Ailsa continues her quest to figure out what people get out of porn with a blockbuster parody that leaves her confused and bored

Say It With A Kiss

LGBT+ Soc stage Valentine’s kiss-in protest for marriage equality

Bristol Has Condom Sense

Bristol gets all clear in first UK University Sexual Health Report Card

Bristol’s Baroness Officially a BNOC

Chancellor of the University of Bristol 4th most powerful woman in the UK

Woodlands Church Against Gay Marriage

Senior pastor of popular student church speaks out against gay marriage in leaked email

Tab Reviews Porn: Sex Trek

Is porn just for men? In a new column, Ailsa attempts to see what all the fuss is about.

Backlash Over Peer-Assessed Teaching

Students frustrated by peer-assessed units, accused of marking each other too generously

Blizzard Hits Bristol

Lectures and exams cancelled at the University of Bristol and UWE as snow causes chaos in Bristol this morning.

The Battle Of Church And State

Ailsa Cameron asks whether religious societies should be allowed affiliation with the student union.

The Death of Erasmus?

Anastasia Reynolds warns that the end of the Erasmus programme is looming.

Queen and not heard: why Liz is great for Great Britain

As Bristol warms up for the Queen’s impending visit, Connor Morrison explains why the Royals are still relevant.

Abort 67: giving pro-lifers a bad name?

Pro-life group Abort 67 use incredibly graphic images to protest abortion. With a Bristol demonstration imminent, Bristol Students for Life argue why Abort 67’s tactics are wrong.

Shaking the ‘Oxbridge reject’ tag

Bristol is infamous for its hordes of disappointed Oxbridge rejects. Why can’t we appreciate what we’ve got?

Why the Pre-Lash is Here to Stay

As Bristol threatens to fine freshers for drinking in their rooms, Ailsa Cameron explains why the pre-lash can sit tight.