Adrian Gray

Adrian Gray
Cambridge University


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My Miss World Entry

ADRIAN GRAY has entered 2014’s Male Miss World competition.

I met my best friend on Chatroulette

Don’t overlook internet relationships. ADRIAN GRAY tells us why.

Britain used to be really good but now it’s shit

This week, ADRIAN GRAY tells us why Britain is a pile of wank

My horrific encounter

This week, Adrian would like to celebrate Halloween by reading you a a poem

The Solution to Porn

In this week’s column, ADRIAN GRAY solves sex. You’re welcome guys

Being shit doesn’t matter

This week, ADRIAN GRAY tackles the timeless student issue of whether the new Star Wars film will be any good

Adrian Gray – The Banksy of Cambridge

In his first column, Adrian takes a bold leap and tackles racism, street art and political satire


Live from Brazil, our Sports Correspondent ADRIAN GRAY reports on the final of the Football World Cup.

Trolley Sessions: Dümpf

Archie Henderson drifts gracefully down Piss Alley in the world’s first land-punt.

Cambridge tours Oxford

ADRIAN GRAY causes mischief at the Other Place.

Tab Tries: Poundland

OLIVIA BROGAN and ADRIAN GRAY check out their local Poundland, and are impressed by what they find.

Cambridge Mergers We’d Like To See

ADRIAN GRAY tells us the things he would most like to put together…

Tab Tries: Going Into The Future

ADRIAN GRAY goes into the future and all he does is check out The Tab…

Tab Tries: Life Drawing

ADRIAN GRAY tries life drawing and doesn’t get an erection.