Adam Davies

Winton student house catches fire with nine sleeping inside

They all managed to escape without injury

Here are Bournemouth’s Halloween best dressed 2018

Let’s get spooky…

Cameo evacuated after ‘tear gas’ released on the dance floor

At least 40 people were treated at the scene by paramedics

A Bournemouth student has been jailed for five years on paedophile charges

1,678 images of children were found on his laptop

Everything to expect from PARTS’ new musical: American Idiot

Relive the album you forced your parents to listen to in the car

We need to talk about those new chairs in Fusion building

You can be a desk or a chair, NOT BOTH.

Bournemouth Uni know how to throw an incredible Summer Ball and here’s why

11am – 7am straight sesh and officially the best summer ball in the country for a start

Us students really need to get better at cooking

Note: putting the oven on gas mark 5 and throwing a tray in there doesn’t count.