Roll up, roll up, and find out which uni smokes the most weed

It’s the 2018 Stoner League and you’re all invited

We think this is the first boy and girl to go on Love Island 2018

The👏🏽 evidence👏🏽 backs 👏🏽 it 👏🏽 up 👏🏽

United Kingdom  /  United States

LSE have paid thousands of pounds to students over damage caused by mice and mould in halls

Being Cinderella ain’t all that

The student suicide figures you’ve seen are wrong – the problem’s actually way worse

The widely reported number is a fifth smaller than the real figure

I only ate food from the reduced section for an entire week, but would it kill me?

And I lived to tell the tale, clearly, as I’m writing this right now

Sir David Attenborough was at UCL yesterday and you missed him

He was here to observe the rare sight of a university student actually working

Queen Mary Law and History fresher fatally stabbed in East London

He becomes 12th teen to be murdered in London this year

So, you’re taking Xanax for the first time. This is what you need to know

If you’re going to take it, get educated

Antwerp Mansion is coming back as a laser tag venue for over 14s

Battle Mansion? R u ok

‘I went plastic free for a month and you should too’: Meet the student who didn’t use plastic for the whole of March

She sees herself as an environmentalist Neo from The Matrix

Police investigating after Sussex halls broken into and trashed

The intruders sprayed ketchup, mayo, and alcohol all over kitchens and stole Ray Bans from bedrooms

If you do any of these 83 things you are undeniably a ‘sad girl’

You own a hot water bottle and have a drawer dedicated to chocolate

Start your engines, this queen wrote her dissertation on RuPaul’s Drag Race

All other topics can sashay away tbh

Breaking: The lecturer strikes are officially OVER

Have never wanted to go to uni so badly

A Newcastle student is crowdfunding so she can pay for a flight back for her Ski ball

She’s doing tasks per target she hits

Southampton students write ‘n****r’ and other racist comments on an open course spreadsheet

They also wrote homophobic slurs

There are exactly five types of Adidas boy, but which one are you?

Are you more Adi daddy or sadi daddy?

We spoke to the woman behind THAT private school dating app to ask her: ‘Why?’

‘We’re not elitist, we’re not trying to be snobby’

Girls tell us about the moment they worked out their boyfriend was cheating on them


By disappointed girls

Exposed: The uni cricket group chat where players rate girls they’ve just had sex with

One message reads: ‘Her pussy is so wide you could fit a bus in there’

This Exeter finalist wrote her dissertation on Harry Potter and watched the films five times each

Riddikulus? We think not