We asked Newcastle students if they’d been to a ‘super-party’ – they all said no

‘A super-party? Like a crazy big party?’

Finals are pointless and should be scrapped, says leading education expert

‘Exams neglect the purpose of why universities exist’

United Kingdom  /  United States

‘They said they didn’t want an urban feel’: Cardiff students tell us their experiences of racism in nightclubs

‘Forgive me for thinking this but maybe they just don’t care’


Katie Hopkins Union visit to be subject to ‘Enhanced Security Measures’

Special measures follow a planned protest against Hopkins

Two girls teamed up for a real-life John Tucker Must Die moment and outed their cheating boyfriend in public

And then broadcast it on Facebook Live

Moncrieff Club’s leader Kelvin Keeley arrested for drunken assault

He’s been given a police caution

I’m not exaggerating when I say the unicorn trend is the worst thing to happen to modern society

OK maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit

Here’s a video of students doing jazz hands at NUS conference, because clapping is triggering

‘Jazz hands are used throughout NUS in place of clapping which can cause disturbance and create anxiety’

Colston Hall to be renamed because of its ‘offensive’ slave trade links

Bristol Music Trust want to rid the venue of ‘toxic’ branding

Shakira Martin, who’s never been to uni, has been elected as the new NUS President

But she is mates with Vince Cable

This company will offer you a free holiday, but only if you send them a picture of your bum, which isn’t creepy at all

Cool. Neat

Princess Kako is going to be studying at Leeds next year

The member of the Japanese Imperial Family will join the university in September

NUS Exec candidate defends himself after it was revealed he tweeted #heilhitler

He says they were taken out of context

You can be a feminist and still hate Theresa May

The two aren’t mutually exclusive. This is why

There is only one viable candidate for UK Prime Minister, and his name is Louis Theroux

His money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds

Legally, ‘stealthing’ is rape. So why don’t we take it seriously?

We spoke to a lawyer to explain the implications behind removing a condom without consent

Ladbible have rebranded, now think ‘lad culture is a positive force’, are still idiots

Apparently now they think they’re ‘post hipster’. Oh hun

Are Topshop alright? Because they’re selling these plastic see through jeans and I think someone should check on them


Avoiding eye contact and asking someone where they’re originally from ‘might be’ racist, according to Oxford University

The university says it is ‘subtle everyday racism’

Oxford Uni offers £500 ‘British history’ essay prize, but only £75 for ‘African history’

The University have come under fire for the £425 difference in prize money

We lost our kitchen ceiling in a fire and still have to live here

Our landlord is buying us food every day though