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Many students will be moving in to these halls in September 2017

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Supersize the beats

‘Sell it in Boots’: A Cambridge Professor says study drugs should be sold over the counter

A third of students say they’ve taken them

Sit back, relax and look at the filthiest clubbers of Glastonbury 2017

Well tbf there isn’t that much mud so they’re q clean

‘I don’t regret it and I’d do it again’: Meet the students who voted Leave this time last year

Strong feelings and no regrets shine through

In 21 years I’d never been racially abused. Now it’s happened twice in two weeks

Hate crimes have risen fivefold since the Manchester attack


The Tories’ new teaching rankings are bad news for some Russell Group universities

The league table gives your uni a gold, silver or bronze rating

Grenfell was ‘murder’: Hundreds descend on Parliament for the ‘Day Of Rage’ protest

Most were there for Grenfell, but others for their own agendas

We took a thermometer on the Central Line to see how hot hell is

The tube today is hotter than the legal temperature for transporting cattle

Oxford student banned from future events for wearing a KKK costume

The decision comes six months after the event

‘I wouldn’t wish this on my most hated enemy’: BU rugby player paralysed on his way to summer ball

A spinal injury means he may not walk again

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Cambridge footballers punished by Jesus College for chanting about rape and sexual assault

Individuals shouted chants inciting rape to the infamous Chicago tune

‘I’m still friends with Trump but I’d never have voted for him’: What happened when we met Piers Morgan

‘I love when people say ‘your going to get beheaded by ISIS’ and they spell ‘you’re’ wrong’

UEA launch ‘full review’ after extenuating circumstances leak

The uni have apologised ‘unreservedly’ for the distress caused

Revealed: Trinity May Ball employing students with controversial contracts

Clear up workers take on 10-hour shifts for no monetary payment

Exclusive: University department leaks the names of students and their extenuating circumstances

The spreadsheet contained confidential information about students who applied for extenuating circumstances

Cardiff Students are campaigning for mental health awareness, and you can join them too​

There’s more we can do to help

These are the British universities with the best reputation in the world

10 made the global top 100

Sheffield dentistry student in court on terror charges

He’s charged with preparing terror acts and possessing terror documents