We lived in the library for 24 hours and it’s nicer than your box room

If you’re paying £27k you may as well get your money’s worth

Why these women are finally ditching tampons and moving on to better things

The revolution is here

I got mugged for my Canada Goose but joke’s on them – it wasn’t even real

And his wallet only had a fiver in it

United Kingdom  /  United States

Jacob Rees-Mogg responds to the Sussex SU picture petition as ‘bigoted and intolerant’

The petition called for a vote of no confidence in the SU President

Applause at the end of lectures is a plague that must be stopped

Please. Stop. Clapping. You. Absolute. Weapons.

Goodnight sweet Lizard Lounge, your spirit will be with us forever

Bristol’s most famous club has undertaken the worst rebrand in history

Prince William is the latest posh boy to shave his head

Can’t wait to see him in the smoking area with a Red Stripe

11 British country manors you could actually live in for less than £600 a month

Soirée in my drawing room tonight guys??

People are calling for a vote of no confidence in the Sussex SU President just because she took a photo with Jacob Rees-Mogg

She’s been accused of ‘fraternising with extremists’

I broke both my hands falling down the club stairs, and spent the next month saying FML

You think you’ve had a bad night?

Sorry, but how did 300,000 people fall for this ASOS scam?

Send this article to 15 friends for a free gift card

Sorry, but how did 300,000 people fall for this ASOS scam?

Send this article to 15 friends for a free gift card

Natural Cycles app blamed for 37 unwanted pregnancies in one hospital

It has 700,000 users worldwide

Are you a chicken nugget connoisseur? You can actually get paid to eat chicken nuggets

Pass the ketchup, I have found my calling

Missguided have just launched a ‘jeans and a nice top’ section!!!

The Fiat 500 girl inside of me is SCREAMING

Gordon Ramsay’s got a new promoter haircut and yes chef, I would

Is it just me or is it hot in this kitchen

‘Shame on UCL’: Protestors demand answers over secret eugenics conference

‘What do we want? Answers! When do we want them? Now!’

These Edinburgh students won £4,500 on Pointless and spent most of it on nights out

I would do the same tbh

Birmingham’s Vice Chancellor is the highest paid in the country and the uni still can’t provide basic services for students

UoB even defended his large salary

UCL students are protesting against eugenicists and white supremacists tomorrow

It’s part of a movement to decolonise UCL

BBC confirms there’s going to be a second season of Clique

Filming begins in February

Brian Cox has got a pretty awful score on Rate My Professors

He’s got 2.8 out of 5 lol

Fituation: The reason why you become fit in certain situations but not others

Feeling 10/10 walking into pres with my Echo Falls summer fruits