Alligator crashes students’ Valentine’s Day picnic

Giving a whole new meaning to “Go Gators”

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Students Organize for Syria is handing out roses today

they are asking fellow students to open their hearts to Syrian refugees

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Man holds up sign calling for Trump to ‘Defeat Israeli Terrorism’ at Turlington

It also writes “We are getting screwed by the ‘Jewish state'”

UF students call for dining hall boycott following cockroach sightings

Students have spotted cockroaches in Broward Dining and Gator Corner

Racist and xenophobic slurs written on whiteboards in Anderson Hall

The hateful comments seemed to be a response to Black History Month

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BREAKING: Students are protesting at Turlington against Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

A petition for UF to become a sanctuary campus was started last week

UF students are petitioning a sanctuary campus for undocumented students

Students are asking for more from a university that prides itself on diversity

BREAKING: Armed person reported at UF campus

The man is wearing a blue hoodie

The Tab UF is searching for new writers

Be part of the global media franchise reaching 8 million people every month

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‘I work in an office full of Trump supporters, I never get a chance to speak up’: Students and faculty protest against the Muslim ban

‘I’m here arguing against the unconstitutional nature of the ban’

I’m not ‘ignorant’ for wanting to speak with the man in a Swastika on campus

We don’t need to respect this guy’s beliefs, but we do need to respect his rights as an American citizen.