We rounded up some Gainesville housing options so you don’t have to

The bad, boujee, and everything in between

Still looking for fall housing? Class of 2021 Facebook pleas for help not working out? The internet can be a confusing place to navigate, with over three million results appearing for "Gainesville apartments" when Googled. Lucky for you, we've made a list of popular student housing options, ranked in price per month from low-high. For ease of comparison, prices shown are for a four bedroom/four bathroom apartment unless otherwise stated.

Towne Parc Apartments

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Towne Parc presents a four bedroom two bathroom model for only $260/month/room (furniture and utilities aren't included in the pricing). It is located 3.2 miles from Turlington Plaza, but sophomore Kailey Hart says, "[it was] the best price I could find when I was looking…the distance isn’t a big issue. It usually takes me about 30 minutes total to get from my front door to my classroom.” Notable amenities include a scenic lake and a dog park.

The Cooperative Living Organizaton (CLO)

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A dorm-style student run organization, CLO provides a unique living experience for those that qualify with financial need. A bedroom is shared between two people, and a communal bathroom hosts ten. The price/month/person is $400. This price includes furniture, electric, water, and two meals/day. Located behind the Chipotle in Midtown, it is only 0.4 miles from Turlington Plaza. When asked about her living experience, sophomore Shelby Fultz stated, “Honestly CLO has just enhanced my college experience overall. Not only is it saving me money…but it has given me an amazing group of new friends.” “I am able to eat a nice home-cooked meal… with people who have become some of my closest friends.”

Notable amenities include communal lounging areas and events hosted by the student leadership at CLO.

Campus Lodge

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Receiving very mixed reviews, "The Lodge," as it is referred to by residents, is $513/month/room, inclusive of furniture, water, and electricity. Located a sizable 4.4 miles from Turlington, three RTS bus routes attend its residents. Notable amenities include a car wash and a computer lab.

When asked about his experience, freshman Valdemar Tamayo Jr. said, “I love everything about the atmosphere, from the friendly residents down to the hardworking community assistants, but most of all, the pool comes in clutch.”“I like to kick back and take a look at the night sky through the lens of a real natural environment, that’s Campus Lodge.”

In direct opposition however, senior Ivy Lee stated, "I had all sorts of problems when I first moved…the bed was disgusting and we had a roach problem…I wouldn't live here another year. The pool is super nice…and the gym is meh, overall meh." When told I had received positive reviews from others, keeping sources anonymous of course, Lee said “I literally hate my apartment…who the fuck likes Campus Lodge? Literally no.”

University Club (UC)

Not far behind at $549/month/room, with utilities and furniture included, is UC, located 2.7 miles from Turlington Plaza. Unique amenities include a sand volleyball court. Junior Monica Waln stated with ambivalence, "I love the location and how many bus routes it's on, (but) I'm not a fan of how thin the walls are, and my apartment’s kitchen and bathroom are not updated.”

13th Street Apartments

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Boasting of stand-up tanning booths, 13th Street Apartments are $649/month/room, including water and furniture. Located 1.1 miles from Turlington Plaza, residents can easily walk to class and grab some Krishna Lunch on the way. Senior AJ Hochsztein warmly stated, “The maintenance people and the people at the office are always really nice and always try their best to help.” “You could really tell they spent some time to make it nice and clean for us, they have nice big windows and good sized closets.”

The Nine

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Set to open in July 2018, The Nine is located two blocks past the DNA bridge, 1.3 miles from Turlington Plaza. Their 'D1' style rings in at $750/month/room, furniture and water are included, with a $30 cap/person on electricity per month. Vaunting of a bowling alley, Peloton Bike stations, and a coffee bar with complimentary Starbucks, The Nine has been quick to sell its first round of rooms.

Social 28

Conveniently located above a CVS pharmacy and a mere -.4 miles from Turlington Plaza, Social 28 rings in ranging from $759/month/room for a four bedroom two bathroom 'Terrace Apartment,' to $809/month/room for a four bedroom two bathroom 'Premium Suite.' Utilities are included with a $30 cap/room. Resident Katarina Lambertson stated, “Living at Social 28 this year has been really convenient. The location is great and the staff is always super friendly. The only disadvantage so far is that the elevators break down a lot.” If you're searching for a zen morning, but don't want to lug yourself to the gym, Social 28 might be the place for you, as they have a yoga room.

The Standard

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Arguably the most popular student complex in Gainesville, The Standard is located above a Chick-Fil-A, next to a Target, and across from a Publix. Well known for its location .5 miles from Turlington Plaza, The Standard has multiple models of four bedroom/four bathroom apartments, the cheapest, 'Deerwood,' comes in at $812/month/room, while the VIP exclusive 'Dawson' model is $1037/month/room. Utilities are included, but not all amenities are, as some are VIP access only. Uniquely, The Standard is home to a PGA-quality golf simulator, and a VIP lounge and pool. Junior Elizabeth Carrington proclaimed, "all of the cool amenities…as well as convenient location, size, and brand-new apartments, as well as an extremely kind staff make it an overall great place to live.”

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