UF fraternity brother arrested on sexual assault charges

He is accused of assaulting his date while she pretended to be asleep

Gainesville’s Women’s March empowers local women

Even the dogs were dressed up wearing signs that said, “Good boys against misogyny.”

Exclusive leaked audio tapes describing hazing and racism in UF Kappa Alpha Theta

‘Do you realize he was black?!!’

We just asked white supremacist Richard Spencer how much it hurt to get punched in the face

‘It hurt. It hurts when someone punches you in the face’

President Fuchs says Richard Spencer is a Jew-hating racist who has no place on our campus

‘He is contrary to everything this university represents’

Professors postpone Thursday exams and classes before Richard Spencer talk

Professors are making their own accommodations for Thursday, as UF and Alachua County heighten security and law enforcement

The owner of Orlando Pulse Nightclub is coming to speak at UF

And you should totally attend this speech instead of Richard Spencer’s

GoFundMe raises $25,000 for UF law student injured in Las Vegas shooting

Kristin Babik was one of the hundreds injured in one of the deadliest shootings in U.S. history

Video goes viral of UF football players harassing Tennessee fans after their game win

‘Athletes are held to a higher standard’

Franks stuns Tennessee with Hail Mary touchdown for a Gators win

When it looked like the Gators were going into overtime, Felipe Franks delivered a huge touchdown

A quarter of all reported sexual assaults at UF occur in frats

And there’s one dorm on campus that accounts for six reported incidents

Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer may actually speak at UF after cryptic tweet

‘Florida is happening’

Richard Spencer to sue UF for the right to speak on campus

Fuchs: ‘We are prepared to vigorously defend our decision. The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority’

UFPD bans Turlington preacher from UF campus

But he can’t be banned from our hearts

UF denies Richard Spencer’s request to speak on campus

Not so fast, Nazi boy

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer is coming to the University of Florida

You may recognize him from that ‘Nazi punched in face’ video

If you find the fuckboy Bachelorette winner familiar, it’s because he was a UF Pi Kapp

Rachel is reliving your Fall freshman year