If you find the fuckboy Bachelorette winner familiar, it’s because he was a UF Pi Kapp

Rachel is reliving your Fall freshman year

Criticizing people’s relationships from the outside is a light hobby of mine, but somehow, watching Rachel get played on this season of The Bachelorette felt different. It felt… familiar??

I launched a full-fledged, totally professional investigation into Bachelorette winner Bryan Abasolo. By that I mean I flipped my crazy switch to social media stalk him for hours on end, only to discover he was a University of Florida graduate of 2003 and former Pi Kappa Phi brother.

Aside from him being a UF grad, his hometown only spiraled me further into what I knew about being played by Spanish men. It’s like I could almost envision him at a tailgate with his arm around me, “Haha, no, I’m not from South Florida, I’m from Miami.”

It seems he’s not only a player, he’s a baller. Like, actually. The University of Florida seemingly sent his fraternity on a trip with the Men’s Basketball team for winning an inter-fraternal game of some sorts.

*Cue Carrie Bradshaw voiceover* Later that night I wondered about his collegiate years at UF in the 00’s. Did he listen to the Backstreet boys? Did he frost the tips of his hair? Did he drunkenly hit Midtown? Eat Leonardo’s and sweat profusely in same stadium as I did?

Regardless, it’s became pretty evident why he seemed familiar and why people are nervous for our beautiful, and (what we thought to be) intelligent Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. We’ve all met a fuckboy like Bryan. Been there, done that.

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