Mackenzie Behm

14-year-old boy arrested for raping UF student in apartment gym

He was transported to the Alachua County Juvenile Assessment Center.

We spoke with a former high school classmate of the girl in the Theta hazing tapes

She was described as ‘very quiet, very shy’

Exclusive leaked audio tapes describing hazing and racism in UF Kappa Alpha Theta

‘Do you realize he was black?!!’

Sorority withholding food from members until they vote in Student Government election


This UF couple had a dream date in the stadium that’ll make you bawl your eyes out

I can’t even get a text back

Video goes viral of UF football players harassing Tennessee fans after their game win

‘Athletes are held to a higher standard’

A quarter of all reported sexual assaults at UF occur in frats

And there’s one dorm on campus that accounts for six reported incidents

UFPD bans Turlington preacher from UF campus

But he can’t be banned from our hearts

Plan your night out and we’ll tell you which iconic UF campus celebrity you are

Tag yourself I’m the Turlington potato

If you find the fuckboy Bachelorette winner familiar, it’s because he was a UF Pi Kapp

Rachel is reliving your Fall freshman year

UF ranked 14th best for sexual health in the nation

We beat Harvard

This is what kind of fuckboy you’re attracted to based on your star sign

Who knew getting fucked over by men was written in the stars?

Carrie Lane is the up and coming indie pop artist you’ll be listening to all summer

‘I don’t want to be the next person, I want to be the first’

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the things you could buy with UF president Kent Fuchs’s salary

I guess he really is a daddy

Professor who said Otto Warmbier ‘got what he deserved’ will not be rehired

‘The comments of Katherine Dettwyler do not reflect the values or position of the University of Delaware’

Her dad learned English so he could help her with homework. Now she has a Master’s degree from UC

‘The only way to make her dreams come true is through education’

You’re my boy, Blue: Will Ferrell paid this student $100,000 for her college tuition

Can he pay for my avocado toast

Lyft just reinvented the bus and they’re getting roasted on Twitter

The eydge of innoyvation

A definitive guide to waiting to text someone back: Is it petty or necessary?

Make them suffer, obviously

Leaked email shows member of AEPi unhappy with chairman of ACCENT going to a ‘girl in Kappa’

Shelby Buchanan is ACCENT’s second ever female chairman

We spoke to the incoming UF freshman who made a hilarious video looking for a roommate

No, he still hasn’t found a roommate

UF president urged to include issues of race in required introductory course

‘What is the Good Life’ is taught to all freshmen

UF ranked as one of the best value colleges in the nation

We beat FSU, but I bet you already knew that

Every type of dancer you’ll meet at UF’s Dance Marathon

Stop break dancing you’re making me look bad

Two UF students killed in car crash

Carolina Alfano and Nicole Scherten were leaving the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival

UF student’s Black History Month decorations ripped off her Beaty Towers dorm door

She said there is no way it fell off on its own

Alligator crashes students’ Valentine’s Day picnic

Giving a whole new meaning to “Go Gators”

UF students call for dining hall boycott following cockroach sightings

Students have spotted cockroaches in Broward Dining and Gator Corner

We asked the UF Office of Admissions their craziest stories

Yes, someone sent in a chair to “reserve a seat”

Man wearing Swastika claims it was a “social experiment”

Dewitz was first spotted on campus two days ago and returned to Turlington today

Things you’ll only understand if you’ve used ProctorU

It can get weird