UFPD bans Turlington preacher from UF campus

But he can’t be banned from our hearts

Dennis Kane, otherwise known as the Turlington preacher, is now banned from, "all University of Florida properties, including UF Health," according to a new statement from UFPD.

It is unclear in the statement what exactly Dennis did to get banned, however, there has in fact been several sightings of him in usual spots on UF's campus.

Included was a mugshot-like image of him (RIP the booty shorts) and his DOB. Just so you know, he's a Leo.

This isn't his first offense, however. He supposedly was banned back in 2012, but had worked to appeal the charges.

The statement goes on to say, "If you see this individual on campus please do not attempt to contact or detain. Call the University of Florida Police Department at (352) 392-1111."

Though, if I saw him I'd run straight into his arms TBH. He's an icon, an inspiration, and most importantly, a part of the UF experience.

So an ode to Dennis — to all the mood swings, the yelling, the booty shorts, the odd websites and so much more.

And while It is unclear how long Dennis Kane will be banned, one thing is for sure: walking through Turlington will never be the same.

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