Video goes viral of UF football players harassing Tennessee fans after their game win

‘Athletes are held to a higher standard’

A cringe-worthy video has recently surfaced of UF football players McArthur Burnett and Vosean Joseph dancing, flicking-off and Gator-chomping in front of Tennessee fans following their win last Saturday against UT.

It was posted Saturday on Facebook by Chandler Cox who appeared to be a Tennessee fan who had taken the video. She said, “I hate that we lost but at least our players don’t represent our team like this. I love a rivalry but be classy about it.”

I hate that we lost but at least our players don't represent our team like this. I love a rivalry but be classy about itEDIT: I know our fans have done questionable things. They shouldn't have peed on the tebow statue but I'm not saying this over and over again: players are supposed to be controlled by coaches and fans are not. This is a representation of the control Jim Mcelwain and staff has on its players. If this was a Tennessee player I would be embarrassed. Athletes are held to a higher standard.

Posted by Chandler Cox on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Whether a Vol’ or a Gator, the video is pretty difficult to watch for its unsportsmanlike and rather abrasive way of celebrating a win. It’s just plain petty and calls into question the length that our nation’s universities take sports.

The comments on the video also call out Tennessee’s offenses towards the Gator Nation. Tennessee received a penalty during the game for mocking the Gator chomp in the end-zone.

More importantly, following the game a Snapchat video went viral of a Tennessee fan peeing on the Tim Tebow statue outside of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

It’s no secret that university football players are notorious for doing things to bring their universities into disrepute. So do we call it even or should football players, in fact, be held to a higher standard?

UF football has yet to release an official statement on the video. 

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