A review of UF’s production of ‘Kiss Me Kate’

This hilarious musical is definitely worth your time.

Assuming you aren't desperate for extra credit in your theatre appreciation course or are interested in local theatre, you probably have yet to see the recent production of Kiss Me Kate in Constans Theatre.

Can’t believe we’re almost done! Only four more chances to catch Kiss Me, Kate and see me live out my blonde bombshell fantasies ?? (PC: Amanda Moore)

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It was hilarious to say the least. The team had created an invigorating blend of catchy musical numbers, inviting characters and gorgeous set design that draws the viewer in. It certainly wasn't a musical where I was checking the playbill to see how many musical numbers were left before I could leave.

The casting was impeccable, and none of the lead roles seemed to cast a shadow over the others. Following so many of these lead roles makes it difficult to choreograph, but every movement appeared flawless. Any mistakes were masked by the goofiness of the plot and likely were thought to be intentional.

Only two performances left! We’re ready to kick some butt in tonight’s show for our amazing donors and alumni for the Constans Theatre’s 50th Anniversary Celebration! ?? (PC: @suzannamars) • • • • • #ufmusicaltheatre #singing #acting #dancing #kissmekate #universityofflorida #ufcota #ufalumni #gogators

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The cast's lovely voices weren't the only thing to admire on stage. The ensemble was very well-rehearsed and even had a number of dance routines outside and inside the befuddled production of The Taming of the Shrew within the plot.

What particularly stuck out to me was the Broadway-level set design. Not only was every aspect of it detailed, mobile and beautiful, the mid-show transition from front-stage to back-stage displayed an entire secondary stage design. A huge applause to all those who worked on the set, it added a glorious finish onto an already excellent show.

Opening night was electrifying last night. Eight more chances to see me as a blonde in Kiss Me, Kate, including tonight! ? Thank you to the incredible @suzannamars for this picture!

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I also must acknowledge the musical ensemble. They were timed perfectly with the actors and transitioned between the different rhythms and styles the show employs without fail. Shout out to the person who played the Star Wars theme song during the intermission — you're the real MVP.

Director Tony Mata, Musical Director Matt Morgan, Choreographer Lisa Clarson and the rest of the cast and crew deserve significant applause. There is still one more show at 2 p.m. on November 5th. Definitely try to make it out if you can.

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