UF student in critical condition after motorcycle crash in front of Shands

An emergency room doctor was there when it happened and gave aid until emergency staff arrived to help

UF is the 16th most sexually active college in the U.S.

And the third most sexually active campus in Florida

Student Body president-elect arrested over Spring Break ‘did not even recall coming down to Key West’

William Smith Meyers pushed over two Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Two UF students killed in car crash

Carolina Alfano and Nicole Scherten were leaving the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival

PSA: Ryan Lochte is visiting UF

According to a good friend he’s here for training

Let’s hope the Gators show up in Kentucky the way they did vs South Carolina


Uprooted Walker Hall sign has many suspecting vandalism

The sign is now fixed, though the investigation goes on

UF student’s Black History Month decorations ripped off her Beaty Towers dorm door

She said there is no way it fell off on its own

Fat Daddy’s was voted America’s best trash bar

Why wouldn’t it be with those slushies?

Alligator crashes students’ Valentine’s Day picnic

Giving a whole new meaning to “Go Gators”

UF ranked 16th for top college dining halls, but do they know about the cockroach sightings?

‘Your palette will evolve alongside your noggin’

Students Organize for Syria is handing out roses today

they are asking fellow students to open their hearts to Syrian refugees

I’m in an international LDR in college, and I couldn’t be happier

Drinking beer and eating discount chocolate alone on my couch this Valentine’s Day isn’t just for singles

Man holds up sign calling for Trump to ‘Defeat Israeli Terrorism’ at Turlington

It also writes “We are getting screwed by the ‘Jewish state'”

UF students call for dining hall boycott following cockroach sightings

Students have spotted cockroaches in Broward Dining and Gator Corner

Racist and xenophobic slurs written on whiteboards in Anderson Hall

The hateful comments seemed to be a response to Black History Month

The seven people you’ll meet when you study abroad

You’re probably still posting on Insta and captioning all photos “#TakeMeBack”