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It’s been a beautiful, snowy day in Cambridge. Here’s a collection of the best Cambridge snow photos by you, our readers.

Cambridge in the snow. What’s not to love? Here’s a collection of photos taken by you, our readers.

And since so many of you got your snowman on today, here’s a collection devoted to the icy men and women of Cambridge.

Got a better one? Send your photo to and we’ll add it to the collection – the best will win a Tab t-shirt!

Photos courtesy of: Natalie Bird, Johannes Whittam, D.J. Maud, Tabatha Leggett, H Webster, Hannah Snellgrove, Catherine Airey, Anna Sheinman, Will Letton, Emily Alldritt, Andrew Smyth, Papatya Sutcliffe, Julian Tan, O.D. Onelli, Annabel Butcher, Abi Mitchell, Tom Wood, Oscar Williams-Grut, Tom Tryon, kjdoyle (via Flickr), Megan Pinches, Abi Lander, Henry Cooksey, Saskia Goldman, Rose Hall and Sana Ayub.