Watching the curtain rise on Donald Trump’s presidency

On the ground in Washington DC as a reality TV star became our leader

A true American hero is crowdfunding a trip to DC to fight Barron Trump

Happy inauguration day little man!


I said ‘I know’ to every guy who complimented me on Tinder. This is how they reacted

Most of them were pretty nice about it actually

United Kingdom  /  United States

A third of women believe drunk girls in short skirts are partly to blame for sexual assaults

‘It reveals just how deep-seated our readiness to blame women is’

Bye, Wellness Witches. Deliciously Ella is finally being called out for her clean eating hypocrisy

There’s no such thing as unclean food. There never has been

I had an abortion at Cambridge, and I was shocked at how taboo it still is

In an university with so many ‘clever’ people, I was shocked at how uneducated others were


An education under ISIS: Inside the ruins of Mosul University, a training ground for jihadists

The library is an ash black shell, a bonfire built out of books and petrol bombs

These are the top 100 UK employers for LGBT people

Law and finance jobs came out on top in the 2017 rankings

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The smear test age is going up in Scotland – here’s everything you need to know

Instead of being able to get a test at 20, you now have to be 25

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What you need to know about Saturday’s Women’s March on London

Where you need to go and when

‘They started making monkey noises’: Three Bristol students on being victims of racism at uni

‘Racism pure and simple’

I asked men on Tinder if they consider themselves a feminist

One said, ‘you don’t have to be a feminist to believe in gender equality smh’

Leading lawyer warns male students never to have sex with drunk girls

Her comments came after a rape case was dropped against one of her clients

Manchester SU have introduced working class officers

It’s to represent students who feel out of place at institutions dominated by the privately educated

White students and staff are being racist without even knowing it

A new report by SOAS says BME sutdents are affected by ‘racial exclusion and discrimination’

Here’s what you can buy with 25p, the PM’s additional investment in mental healthcare

Flip flops, tooth paste and rim block

Last night’s stabbing in Exeter: How the events unfolded

A ‘very dangerous man’ was apprehended by Devon police just before midnight

A sixth former turned her Oxford rejection letter into art

‘Sorry not to have better news’

First Hacienda, now Sankeys: Gentrification is ruining Manchester clubbing as we know it

Our favourite clubs are being taken over by property developers

Everything we know about Christopher Steele, the Cambridge MI6 spy

Everyone is a bit confused, and rightly so