Every school has a Harvey Weinstein – we want to expose yours

Tell us about your experiences of sexual harassment so we can make a difference – email [email protected]

‘I want to rape you!’: JMU women share their experiences with sexism at College GameDay

‘A guy put his hand up my skirt and into my underwear while I was dancing with my friends’

United Kingdom  /  United States

‘Deny deny deny’: Texts sent between Newcastle students before police questioning over the death of a fresher last year

Student witnesses have been encouraged to seek legal representation before the inquest next May

Exclusive: Part of Birmingham University train station has been burnt down

Police confirmed it was an arson attack

Sussex student bottled in the face in racial attack on North Street

When asked why they threw the bottle the attackers responded ‘Because you are fucking Asian’

Universities will be fined for no-platforming controversial speakers

The government are forcing unis to tackle safe space culture

The creepy red ‘IT’ balloons have been spotted around Cardiff uni

Not clowns AGAIN

Which is the undisputed best club smoking area in the entire country?

Let’s be honest, they’re better than the actual club

The Parkway Gate fire: Everything we know

The student halls on Chester Street were ablaze for three hours on Monday night

We tried weird Aldi alcohol so you don’t have to

‘It’s the kind of drink you could bring to a party but leave on the table and pretend isn’t yours.’

Friends raise money for Exeter fourth year after life-changing accident

From Devon to Saudi Arabia, people are rallying around Exeter’s much loved Gerard Murphy

It’s about bloody time: The first ever advert showing period blood has arrived

Turns out women don’t bleed blue liquid

Why #MeToo matters for all of us

Especially in Cambridge

BU sports teams have raised nearly £1000 for fellow player who was paralysed at summer ball

They called the fundraiser ‘fruit festival’ as a cover up

Actually, James Corden has always been awful

Should have stopped at Gavin and Stacey tbh

So, you can’t wear hoops anymore because it’s cultural appropriation

‘Hoops are worn by minorities as symbols of resistance and strength’

The sun looks like the end of the world right now, and here’s why

Shepherd’s warning, right guys

Wearing boat shoes and no socks has caused a foot fungus epidemic

What will I wear with my chinos now

Huge demonstration for reproductive rights in city centre as Rally for Choice comes to Belfast

Around a thousand protesters took to the streets of Belfast yesterday to demand abortion rights across Ireland in their biggest march yet

This fresher’s hilarious Insta perfectly mocks our country’s garbage MPs

Patrick is the MP for the fictional constituency of Clapham

The shady history of Edinburgh’s new Principal that everyone needs to know about

He starts in January

Jess and Dom from Love Island are doing a meet and greet in a kebab shop

But why?

Corbyn didn’t rule out nationalising Greggs and Wetherspoons at the Young Labour conference

Sausage rolls for the many, not the few