Ringside at the first presidential debate with Trump’s biggest bros

They said a lot about how Muslims should be kept out of America

‘He looked me straight in the eye’: When a man jumped in front of the Tube I was driving

Andrew, a Tube driver for 13 years, experienced a suicide on the London Underground in 2010. He lives in constant fear it will happen again

Every woman knew how Hillary Clinton felt being interrupted and talked over at last night’s debate

It’s how most women are spoken to on a daily basis in the workplace

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‘Sexualising any athlete is wrong’: The women’s wrestling game has changed forever

We met Bea Priestley, a ‘young feisty redhead ready to take women’s wrestling by the throat’

Taking the pill raises girls’ risk of depression by 25 per cent

The risk rises to 80 per cent for teenagers

It’s growing season! How to respond when a loser asks about your body hair

Who shaves their legs when it’s cold outside? Nobody, that’s who

An open letter to Donald Trump, from a recovered anorexic

Alicia Machado was ‘Miss Piggy’ and so was I

Every tweet about how Hillary killed it at last night’s debate

We feel you hun

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I never realised how much losing a parent would make me question who I am

My dad died when I was 16, and a bit of me died too

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We all have opinions, but if you don’t like roast dinners yours is wrong

VICE described them as ‘assorted brown and beige sludge’

Just because you don’t understand dyslexia, doesn’t mean it’s not a real disability

People’s misconceptions are pretty insulting

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Don’t let the media backlash distract you from what Emma Watson’s UN speech actually said

Here are the most important parts

Archaeology students have trigger warnings for when they’re scared of bones

It might trigger psychological trauma in some students

Give the Dirty Disco girls a break, they’re just doing their job

‘Society has told us it’s OK to wear a bikini on a beach in front of children, but to wear a leotard for your job in front of adults is somehow a taboo’

The way we deal with mental health at university has to change, and quickly

No one should wait 10 months for help


Women can now download an app to stop them saying sorry all the time

Sorry not sorry

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My name is Will Smith and I’m a Bristol student

Yes. I know.

Geologists will earn the most when they graduate, says new research

No, really

These students have moved in to Amy Winehouse’s old Camden pad

It’s probably nicer than your house

The Tab’s 2016 Mental Health Rankings are the first of their kind

See the league table in full