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University Challenge sphincter preservation is ‘no laughing matter’

Contestant’s course leader says it’s not funny

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Leeds The rise and rise of S Club 3

There’s never been a better time for S Club to reach the top

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Meet the young entrepreneurs making money while they study

One girl feeds hundreds of rugby boys chicken and sausages

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Revealed: The top graduate employers of 2015

It’s not all about the big four

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Sheffield Third year donates bone marrow and then goes on a mad one to Pop Tarts

The marrow has now been used to save someone’s life

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Exeter What was your biggest mistake during Freshers’?

‘Riding a bike around Rowancroft naked’

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Young Tory who was egged by protesters is a second year at Manchester

He was waving a picture of Margaret Thatcher

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The definitive list of one night stands you’ll have this year

None of them will be that great

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This week’s best clubbers

Wow. You’ve really outdone yourselves

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Durham Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson to speak at Durham Union

Uni bigwigs aren’t best pleased about it