Inside St. Olave’s: The grammar school kicking out pupils for not getting Bs

Shrines are displayed to honour fallen pupils

Harvard meme kid speaks out about how mad his parents were when he got kicked out

‘I felt like my whole world shattered’

United Kingdom  /  United States

Ed Miliband is hosting a pub quiz in Brighton next week

Yep, just in time for the Labour party conference

Guess what Dawn French, women can be ‘as sexually free and drunk’ as they like

You should try it, it’s fun

Death of Leeds Beckett student not thought to be suspicious

His injuries are still unaccounted for

What does your most used emoji say about your general vibe?

Beware the monkey-with-hands-over-mouth


A Summer of Racism

The past few months have been… a lot

The trials and tribulations you’ll understand if you’ve been a Starbucks barista

You forget what it’s like to enjoy Christmas

Disabled people aren’t ‘Undateable’, thanks, Channel 4

An analysis of how ‘The Undateables’ is patronising bullshit

A thorough, detailed investigation into where the Made In Chelsea cast went to uni

They didn’t all go to Leeds, you know.

The new £10 isn’t suitable for vegetarians, and beer, bagels and phones aren’t either

It’s time to reassess your life

Jeremy Underground is dropped from club line-up after he demanded a five star hotel with a gym and sauna

The club wasted over £1,000 on his diva requests

A tribute to Louella Michie, the North London girl who was friends with everyone

‘She had such a dope, individual style’

Everything we know so far about the death of Louella Michie

She died at Bestival this weekend

Cambridge University advertises for full-time sexual assault and harassment adviser

It’s the first position of its kind at a British university

The reality of being a Jewish student at uni

‘Oh, but you don’t look Jewish?’

Bristol grad goes on Celebs Go Dating and savages Toff from Made In Chelsea

‘I didn’t like her’

Meet the man who visits 600 Wetherspoons a year

His name is Tim Martin and he’s worth £350m

Apparently going to Spoons and Greggs is appropriating working class culture

A Guardian columnist has suggested privileged kids enjoying them are on a class safari. That’s ridiculous, they’re just good, British chains

Hetty Douglas has issued a half-hearted apology for mocking workmen in McDonald’s

She claims to not be as privileged as people have made out

National papers have said Robbie Travers is being investigated for mocking ISIS, but it’s just not true

The university have confirmed this

Och aye! Scottish clubbers of the week are back and they are mad wae it

We’d walk 500 miles, and then we’d walk 500 more just to go on the lash with this lot