Jamie Bailey
Jamie Bailey

After being slammed as ‘bigoted and intolerant’ by Jacob Rees-Mogg, creator of Frida petition closes it down

The petition called for a vote of no confidence in the SU President

It’s official: Northfield is getting it’s own bar

Bye bye East Slope, hello Northfield

If you leave your submission to the last minute and Study Direct crashes, you’re part of the problem

A deadline is a limit for submitting your work, not a target

Let’s be honest, every student bedroom needs a cactus

I’m a succer for a succulent

Which Sussex Uni bar are you?

Are you an East Slope or a Falmer? An IDS or a Clubhouse? Find out here.

We had a chat with Ollie Locke about his new app and UK Tour

He’s coming to Brighton on Friday

Going through a rough pooch? Doggy De-Stress is coming back to campus

You mutt as well come and see the labradorable pups

And the Boundary Festival Headliner is….

Who will you be going with?

B&H Buses announce fare rises

Several student prices will be affected

The ‘Best Science Photos of the Year’ are all basically alien life forms

They look like nothing you’ve ever seen before

The University wants to hear your thoughts on buses

This is your chance to speak up

A hero has posted tons of Domino’s discount codes online

You’re welcome

The SU spent £700 on Varsity banners, here’s what they could have bought instead

There were definitely more effective ways to spend that money..

App created by Sussex alumni hits UK number one

The game is available on the App Store and Google Play

Communist graffiti found scrawled onto Sussex campus sign

The images were found in the Lewes Court car park

Stricter enforcements for parking on campus

New arrangements have been made regarding fines for incorrect parking on campus

It’s time to accept it, Wetherspoons is the best pub

“Where do ya wanna meet?” “Spoons”

Dear lecturers, stop moving onto the next slide before I’ve finished my notes

My fingers just can’t keep up

Changes to bus services coming 23rd April

Will this affect how you get home after a night out?

The X-Factor auditions are coming to Brighton

Have you got the X-Factor?

Brighton is the ‘6th most unaffordable city’ in the country

It’s also the second least affordable for graduates