North Carolina’s gerrymandered voting districts struck down by Supreme Court

They were ruled unconstitutional due to their racial basis

North Carolina lawmakers have proposed a bill that would remove UNC from the ACC

The new bill responds to the prior ACC boycott over HB2

This strange coincidence in the stats practically predicted UNC’s national title win

We’re all a little superstitious

Allen Artis’ attorney says UNC found no violation in sexual assault case

Football player Allen Artis continues to face two misdemeanor charges

Protesters boycott Wendy’s in Carolina Union as part of the Return to Human Rights Tour

They want to kick Wendy’s off campus

UNC ranked among top 10 for best college value

More evidence proving it’s always a GDTBATH

Following UNC win, UK fans are having an actual meltdown

They’re literally burning things in the street

Luke Maye got a well-deserved standing ovation in his 8am class

Now you have no excuses

UNC’s School of Dentistry was just ranked one of the top programs in the world

Best in the world? Sounds about right

UNC’s School of Nursing was just ranked one of the top programs in the world

We’re proud of our Tar Heel nurses

I’m a feminist and I don’t agree with schools closing for the Women’s Strike

Bourgeois feminism at its finest

Former dookie Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat and it’s the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard

Shoutout to dook for that A+ education, right?

This flyer encouraging violence against Trump supporters was found on UNC’s campus

Students received an email from Chancellor Carol Folt

Merritt’s is closed today while their staff takes part in the ‘Day Without Immigrants’ strike

‘We look forward to welcoming everyone’

Don’t drink the water on campus – OWASA is running out of water

Dare we say Watergate?

There’s a 40% chance of snow, so UNC should just cancel classes now

Will classes get canceled? Probably not, so finish your homework.

ACC Digital Network tweeted Grayson Allen in UNC gear and fans are pissed

It’s just plain wrong

Survey says UNC students want a ‘reading week’ before exams

And we don’t blame them