Obama isn’t the only person who’s picking UNC to win it all this year

These are all the notable people who chose UNC to win the championship

In case you haven’t noticed, March Madness is upon us. That means the hottest thing to do right now is make a tournament bracket and post it on social media for all to see. Kinda like when your mom finally got you that sparkly pink charm for your charm bracelet and you made everyone in your third grade class look at how cute it was, but less obnoxious.

Our North Carolina Tar Heels have a coveted No. 1 seed, which obviously means our boys are a hot commodity in the bracket world. And seeing that everyone and their mommas created a tourney bracket in hopes of choosing the right team to win it all, here are all of the “famous” people who picked UNC to take home some major hardware.

Tim McGraw

Taylor Swift had a crush on him and your mom probably did, too. He clearly has a basketball crush on the Heels because he picked UNC to go all the way after beating Arizona in the championship game.

Dick Vitale

In an interview with Heavy, well-known ESPN basketball analyst Dick Vitale chose UNC over Gonzaga, another No. 1 seed.

Jay Bilas

Another ESPN basketball analyst, Bilas also picked UNC to bring the natty back to Chapel Hill.

Charles Barkley

In an interview with CNBC, Barkley said this is one of the hardest tournaments to predict. But he did follow it up with, “They make you pick somebody, so I’d probably go with North Carolina.” Sure, he mentions a lot of other teams that could also win it, but it still counts.

Bill Raftery

He’s been around for awhile. He obviously knows what he’s talking about.

Barack Obama

Just when you think you couldn’t love Obama even more than you already do, he goes and picks your fave college basketball team to win it all. In ultimate dramatic fashion, he chose UNC over d00k, which would probably be CBS’ most-watched event of the year – and cause us all to freak out.

If you haven’t filled out your bracket, you have until 12pm today to figure out who you think will win it all. Go Heels!