Following UNC win, UK fans are having an actual meltdown

They’re literally burning things in the street

After Luke Maye became a school hero in last night’s NCAA Tournament game against the University of Kentucky, all of Chapel Hill celebrated. We’ve made it to the Final Four for a record 20 times now, and Kentucky fans didn’t know how to handle it.

UK fans took to the streets of Lexington after the game and local media was there to document their outrageous actions. They set fires and chanted things like “Fuck UNC!”

Cops were on the scene quickly, but not before some fans started fires.

They even burned a TV? Let’s talk about this. What are we gaining here by losing our TV? Now you can’t watch Scandal on Thursday. Bless your heart…Shonda would not be happy about that.

Did this guy really think they wouldn’t notice him throw his lighter? “No, officer, that’s my lighter for my science experiments. I didn’t use it to burn anything today.”

Don’t worry, we know how you feel right now. We’ve been on the less fortunate end of an NCAA Tournament game before, but we pretend it never even happened.